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Coronavirus Prep and Save Money

New information shows that there is a higher risk of getting very sick from this illness. CLICK HERE for the latest data … http://www.Coronavirus.Gov CLICK HERE for the latest data … Continue reading

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We Rent …. Kayaks …. Group Crab-Cats …. Crab Traps

Kayak & Crabbing Information … noon – 9 pm 541-765-2109 Kayaks for Rent … Click Rental & Free Guides for Siletz Bay Wildlife Refuge … Click Here  Motor through the Siletz … Continue reading


Pressure Canning … A key to a Sustainable Lifestyle

When we first got into canning, particularly pressure canning, we were nervous. Not so nervous that we would let our fear from doing it, but a healthy dose of caution … Continue reading

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Elderberries: Liquid Coronavirus Flu Shot?

There are no studies on building up a person’s immunity to prevent getting the Coronavirus, but there are studies on the effects of Elderberry on the normal flu.  The Sustainable … Continue reading

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Oxygen Free Bucket- Don’t just store it – Preserve it!

Air is the Enemy………. With the Air Free Lid Bucket system you can have long-term food storage and instant access without having to redo the buckets. Air is Out…. Fresh … Continue reading

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Lettuce from your Deck, Patio, or Balcony

Lettuce Tub© is a carefree technique that allows you to grow hydroponically without electricity, pumps, or wicks of any kind. In fact, you don’t even have to change your reservoir or … Continue reading

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Tomatoes from your Deck, Patio, or Balcony

TomatoBarrels©  are for anybody who: ….. Wants ripe Tomatoes in July ….. Desires Organically Grown Produce ….. Loves Home Grown Tomatoes ….. Desires Earlier & Later Gardens ….. Wants an … Continue reading

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Veggie Sacks provide Vegetables from your Deck, Patio, or Balcony

 The Veggie Sack is for the gardener who wants a container that will grow the best possible plant. It is a new and unique advancement in container technology that is … Continue reading

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Raise and Protect Chickens

Pastured  raised chickens are the better way of having fresh eggs. One thing that stops many people from having chickens is the threat of predators. Do raccoons eat chickens? Do skunks kill … Continue reading


Coronavirus Shelter-in-Place with Virus Angels

Coronavirus is coming!  It could be deadly.  The Virus Angels are coming  to help. The Washington Dept of Health reports 72 deaths … 93 percent are over 60 years old,. … Continue reading

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Earth Auger Toilet … Innovation in Waterless Sanitation

The Earth Auger toilet, a low-cost, easy-to-use toilet that diverts urine and feces into separate systems, thereby making it easier for the fecal sludge to be treated and turned into … Continue reading

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Prevent Coronavirus

As the Wuhan coronavirus continues spreading throughout the world, and in the absence of a vaccine or cure, the only known way to eradicate the virus is to isolate yourself and not … Continue reading

February 24, 2020

Tsunami Workshops

The Sustainable Living Center of Oregon researches and offers FREE WORKSHOPS in the areas of Food, Energy, Water, Shelter and Community Building  for the purpose of surviving a Tsunami The … Continue reading

February 23, 2020

AirCrete Dome Gathering to Design and Build an Affordable …. Fire…. Hurricane …. Tornado … Typhoon … Storm Surge … Floods … Tsunami Proof …. and Off the Grid Tiny Home

Nov 2 – 13, 2020 AirCrete Gathering In Nov 2020. nine Private Beds\Bath have already been reserved at the WorldMark in Gleneden Beach Oregon 97388 6593 Gleneden Beach Loop. To … Continue reading

November 20, 2019

Clams …. Clamming

Siletz Bay, located at the south end of Lincoln city, is a very popular destination for clam diggers. Some of the highest density purple varnish clam beds are easily accessed … Continue reading

October 24, 2019