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We have decided to NOT SELL OUR family of Crab Trap to any dealer or WHOLESALE. They are only sold on our website CLICK HERE for We did not develop the original Crab Max, but we do distribute the original Crab Max for sall, and they are available from some local merchants in Lincoln City.

We rent Crab Traps where a person with a Hand-Line or fishing pole and some form of bait FROM THE BEACH could feed their family forever if they did not lose their traps on an underwater obstacles. You do not need a boat, dock or pier.

Losing crab traps is a hazard of Crabbing.

We have a solution with our Crab Trap Replacement System. We will be sure to send you a new Crab Trap at no cost if you demonstrate or refer our Crab Traps to your friends, family or strangers and these people purchase three (3) Crab Traps.

First, you have a Crab Max or purchase a Crab Trap from our Family of traps.

You can choose any mix of three (3) of these traps. We designed and manufactured all of these traps. These are our exclusive Crab Traps and are not available anywhere else.

They are only sold on our website We DO NOT SELL WHOLESALE.

Any combination of three (3) Crab Max 2.0 or Crab Trapper Traps

Could you call 541-765-2109 and specify which of the following Combination you want and IF YOU WANT TO BE PART OF THE SUSTAINABLE REPLACEMENT PROGRAM? Three (3) Crab Trappers Two (2) Crab Trappers & One (1) Crab Max2.0 One (1) Crab Trappers & Two (2) Crab Max2.0 Three (3) Crab Max2.0


If you want to be part of the Sustainable Replacement Program you can order a crab gauge, a 6-gal crab bucket with this sign for the price of postage, The New to be announced Crab Mini will fit inside this bucket with the lid on.



Detachable Crab gauge, and 6-gal crab bucket includes free postage


People will approach you as you pull in Traps full of Crabs and want to know where you got that kind of Trap. You refer them to the number (541-765-2109) listed on the bucket.

We do the rest.


May 1, 2023 …. Took my new Crab Trapper on their first go in Netarts Bay the other day, and they were super impressive compared to my prior run-of-the-mill traps. The added coverage area certainly made a difference, as I was pulling in up to 10 crabs per pull. Some other noticeable improvements include the spring strength and the ability to open and close. I had issues with prior traps not opening up consistently after casting, but these traps had much stronger springs that gave me the added confidence that every cast had the potential of bringing home some keepers. Overall, I am super pleased with the product and have to give credit to its creators for their focus on improving its design season after season continuously. Brad – Portland, Oregon

Your Crabbing location and name will be registered at that the number 541-765-2109. They will be directed to our website at In addition, you will receive one (1) FREE Crab Trap of your choice for every three Crab traps they purchase via PayPal.


If you refer someone to our website, the same terms apply.

You can do any thing you want with all the FREE traps: sell them, rent them, or give them away. If you really want get serious we will develop a special a website at no cost to you CLICK HERE to see how Newport, Oregon

All you have to do is show the public how many Crabs you are catching and we do the rest.

Questions? email ….


Call Carl ….. 541-765-2109


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