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Oregon has the worst drug addiction rate in the country, federal data show…..BUT you can help

Oregon has the worst drug addiction rate in the country, federal data show.

The latest National Survey on Drug Use and Health said that 9% of teens and adults were addicted to drugs in 2020. About 12% of Oregonians aged 12 and older said they had an alcohol problem. That compares with nearly 7% in 2019.

Combined, they gave Oregon the second worst overall addiction rate nationwide, with nearly one in five teens and adults reporting a problem with drugs or alcohol. 

Montana came first, but just by a fraction. 

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Drug overdose deaths had been increasing ever so slightly in Oregon from 2015 through the end of 2019, but by the end of 2020, the numbers shot upward. 

In 2022, the number of overdose deaths nearly doubled what it was in 2019. 

A number that large is difficult to grasp, especially when only three years earlier, in 2019, 610 people in Oregon died of drug overdoses. The number of deaths has increased by 47%. 

Oregon’s drug overdose deaths aren’t unique to the state. According to the NCHS, they also began a sharp ascent in the United States in early 2020. 

The Sustainable Living Center in Lincoln City ( has formed a 501 3 (c) non-profit corporation called “Just Wait Teens” ( only for the teens in Lincoln County.

$2000 for any local teenager who pledges to abstain from drugs, alcohol, and tobacco until they are 21 and fulfill their pledge

You can help in one or all of four ways:

  1. Sign up your 8 -12 teenager at no cost (
  2. No Teenagers! If you are Drug-Free, sign up to be a mentor. ( You will be required to submit to a background investigation.
  3. Support our “Just Wait Teens Honor Boxes: which are distributed throughout Lincoln Country with a small donation and enjoy a treat.
  4. Bring 25 – 40 lbs of your favorite dry food to the Just Wait Center. We will fill a 6-gal bucket and Nitrogen Flush your food. This is all free for your home use. To support us become a Silver Angel.
  5. Become a Silver Angel. Purchase a 1 oz Silver Round ($25 value).. ( The Silver Round you purchased will be given to a teenager on their 13 birthday with the following message

“I support your decision to wait until you are 21 before deciding whether to get involved in Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco. I am willing to provide this 1oz Silver Round to show you I care about your future.” signed ____________________________

They can be purchased at J & S coin shop at 446 SE Hwy 101 in Lincoln City or here online.


Silver Round + protection bag +person message to teen


If you’d like, the name of the teen receiving the Silver Round will be available to the donner.

Questions? email carl@justwaitteens,org


Call 541-765-2109



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