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Just Wait Teens Drug Prevention $2000 Silver Payout

If you’re between 8 and 13 years old
and you sign a pledge
not to use tobacco, alcohol, or drugs until you’re 21,

you can receive $2000 by your 21st birthday!

This payment plan is to teach teens how to manage and receive money. The mentors will help the teens understand the value to defer gratification to become financially free.

Youth may sign up between the ages of 8 and 12, but the payment plan starts on the teen’s thirteen birthday.

On their thirteen birthday, they receive three items

  • Assigned a Drug Free Mentor
  • Copy of Rich Dad for teens
  • 0ne (1) oz of Silver Round
How to become Financially Free

The mentor will use the book to help the teen become Financially Free.. (not Rich) The one (1) oz silver round will be the teen’s tool to become Financially Free.

It does not mean I am become rich. NO!  It means, I have all the food, energy, water, health, community, and finances I need to have a Sustainable Quality Lifestyle.

How the Pay Out Work

For teens in the Lincoln City a one (1) oz Silver Round will be purchased by the from the J & S Coin Shop at 446 SE Hwy 101 Lincoln City, Oregon. At the present time, the selling price of a Silver Round is approximately $25.

For teens in the Newport Area ….. to be announce

When the teen gets the Silver Round they have three (3) options:

  • Sell it to the Coin Shop for approximately $25 as of 4/25/2023
  • Save it to sell it later when the price of Silver is higher $26 as of 5/4/2023
  • Save it in the Just Wait Teen’s Bank’s Safety Deposit Box

At the next birthday, the teen will receive two Silver Rounds, At each birthday the teen will receive one additional Silver Round, By the teen’s twenty birthday, they will receive 8 Silver Rounds, In total the teen will have received 36 Silver Rounds,


If the price pf silver goes to $100 per Silver Round and the teen saved all their 36 Silver Rounds, A Teen would have $3600, in Silver Rounds not $2000.

The choice is all the teen’s. There is no way the teen will receive less than $2000.

See what 8 experts say below what 36 Silver Rounds will be worth in the year 2031 when a 13 years teen turn 21.

Pay Out Plan when the teens is over 12

A teen may sign up if they are older than 12 years of age, BUT they will not receive the $2000 guarantee. They will receive the Siler Rounds at the same ratio one (1) the first year, two (2) the second year, but at the age of twenty one the pay out stops..

Pay Out Plan when the teens has to move out of Lincoln County

They will receive the at the same ratio one (1) the first year, two (2) the second year, but a when they move out of the county, the payout stops. Hopefully their family or family member will see the value in thr program and continue it

Does the teens have to pay back the Siler Rounds if they decide to quit?

No, they make keep the Siler Rounds, but there will be no more Siler Rounds will be coming.

The Just Wait Teens Program can work anywhere

If a family support and funds this program, any family can make this work. We have seen it work thru 3 generations with drug, alcohol, or tobacco problems.

Joseph A. Califano Jr, Founder and Chair Emeritus of The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University states in his book, High Society, says, “The individual who reaches age twenty-one without smoking, using illegal drugs, or abusing alcohol is virtually certain never to do so.”

You can help by becoming a Silver Angel.

A Silver Angel buys a Silver Round for $25. The Silver Round is given to the teen on their birthday along with the following message:

“I support your decision to wait until you are 21 before deciding whether to get involved in Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco. I encourage you to wait and am providing this 1oz Silver Round to show you I care about your future.”

Your Name________

Purchase Silver Round on-line

One (1) oz Silver Round can be purchased at the J & S Coin Shop at 446 SE Hwy 101 Lincoln City, Oregon. At the present time, the selling price of a Silver Round is approximately $25, placed in plastic pouch, signed. and placed in our honor box at the coin store.



You do not need the Just Wait Foundation, but we are to help you and answered your questions.

Just Wait Teens


1113 N Hwy 101

Depoe Bay, OR 97341


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