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Crabbing in Newport

Catch your Dinner

Crabs are Clean and Cooked in Lincoln City @$2.50/crab (not Available in Newport)

Two (2) Docks/Piers to choose from in Newport

  • Crabbing/Fishing Pier in South Beach
  • Crabbing/Fishing Pier on Abbey Street
  • Crabbing/Fishing Pier at Bay Street …. temporarily closed because of homeless

Docks are free in Newport and are open 24/7 and 365 days a year for all to use. Therefore, it is less expensive to go crabbing from the dock or pier than to crab from a boat.

  • Unfortunately, you will have limited space to drop your line and traps, and you will keep catching the same Crabs as the next Crabber on the Dock just rejected and thrown back.

The only place to rent Crab Traps for 24 hours is under the Siletz River Bridge at Hwy 101 and RT 224, south of Lincoln City. Open 8 am – Dark … 365 days a year.

CLICK HERE for details or rates

The following Crab Traps are available for sale

Free Pick-UP in Newport from Bill

This is Bill. He has been Crabbing in Newport for years. If you see him on the piers, feel free ask him any crab questions you have.

He wrote the book about Crabbing in Oregon.

Pick Up the Special in Newport from Bill

Spring Special ….Two (2) Crab Max 2.0Enhanced Traps, two (2) black stronger Hand-Line, and one (1) Crab Trapper with Low tangle Hand-Lin free shipping

Three (3) Crab Traps, Two (2) Crab Max 2.0 Black stronger Hand-lines, and one (1) Crab Trapper with low tangle Hand-lines …. Pick up FREE


Crab Max 2.0

The Crab Max 2.0 is an Enhanced Trap. It looks like and functions like the original Crab Max, but it has a stronger hardness and attached fitting

  • Hand-Line to Fishing Snap Breaking Strength increased to 200 lbs.
  • The Breaking Strength from the Fishing Snap to Swivel increased to 220 lbs.
  • The Breaking Strength from Swivel to Trap has been increased to 350 lbs.

Crab Max 2.0

One (1) Crab Trap plus 100 ft black Hand-Line 350 lb breaking strength …. with Free Newport Pick-Up


Once you place your order, call 541-76-2109 to determine when you can pick up your order in Newport,

  • You can have three (3) Crab Traps with one license.
  • We sell Oregon Crab ($10) & Out of State Crab ($20) Lice
  • We sell chicken drumsticks for crab bait. Six drumsticks for ($10) … (one drumstick needed per hour/trap) is recommended.

Three (3) Spring Special with FREE PICK-UP

Three (3) Crab Enhanced Traps, Three Black stronger Hand-lines …. with FREE pickup


  • You will have to furnish your own crab bait. Recommended Fresh chicken drumstick (one drumstick needed per hour/trap) is recommended.

Crab Traps are can be shipped

Crab Max 2.0

One (1) Crab Trap plus 100 ft black Hand-Line 350 lb breaking strength. Cost includes handing and UPS SHIPPING


Crab Trapper is now available

The Crab Trapper has a round net, not a square net. You can see the difference when a Crab Max overlays a Crab Trapper Trap.

We have increased the Crab Netting area by nearly 50% just by changing the shape of the Trap.

The Crab Trapper has nearly 50% more crab netting area than the other two traps.DThe Crab Max Net catching area

Crab Max Net Catching Area

Area of square = width X height …. Crab Max or Enhanced Crab trap both when folded out make square width = 17 inches by height =17 …… 17 x 17 = 289 sq inches

Crab Trapper Net Catching Area

Area of circle = radius X radius X 3,1417 …. Crab Trapper, when folded out, makes a circle with a radius of 11.5 inches ….11.5 X 11.5X 3.1417 = 415.5sq inches

You do the Math

Area of circle = radius X radius X 3,1417 …. Crab Trapper, when folded out, makes a circle with a radius of 11.5 inches ….11.5 X 11.5X 3.1417 = 415.5sq inches

Area of square = width X height …. Crab Max or Enhanced Crab trap both when folded out make square width = 17 inches by height =17 …… 17 x 17 = 289 sq inches

Circle Area minus Square Area (415 -289) =126 inches increase and 126/289 = 43 % are nearly a 50% increase

Crab Trapper with Shipping

One (1) Crab Trapper plus one (1) black 100 ft Hand-Line plus Shipping



May 1, 2023 …. Took my new Crab Trapper on their first go in Netarts Bay the other day and they were super impressive when compared to my prior run-of-the-mill traps.   The added coverage area certainly made a difference as I was pulling in up to 10 crabs per pull.  Some other noticeable improvements include the spring strength and the overall ability to open and close.   I had issues with prior traps not opening up consistently after casting, but these traps had much stronger springs that gave me the added confidence that every cast had the potential of bringing home some keepers.   Overall, I am super pleased with the product and have to give credit to its creators for their focus to continuously improve on its design season after season. Brad – Portland


“CrabWise Bill” wrote the book “Oregon’s Crabs

CrabWise Bill has taught and designed crab traps for 20 years. The first Crab Trap he was involved with was the Crab Max.

The Dungeness crabs in the cover photo were part of the thirty crabs “CrabWise Bill” caught while crabbing from the north shore of Siletz Bay.

The Book includes all the information necessary to take Dungeness and red rock crabs from Oregon’s Coastal Waters.

Evaluates the methods used to catch Dungeness and red rock crabs.

Updated maps of Oregon’s Bays that disclose the areas of Oregon’s Bays where crabs are commonly caught.

Describes the innovative methods used to humanly kill Dungeness and red rock crabs.

Describes How to Shake Crabs. Recover a higher percentage of crab meat using the method professional crab shakers use.

Oregon’s Crabs Book

Crab Louis’s recipe is in Oregon’s Crabs book, the 116-page new edition of Oregon’s Crabs. Free shipping


Crabbing for Abbey Street Pier (Dock)

Enjoyed the short, level walk and talking with people on the pier. One of the great things about this pier is that it has an actual working dock, not just tourist shops.  One family caught eighteen crabs in four hours, not counting the ones they threw back, but this was an exception, do not count on doing this every day.

It’s a long stretch of dock open to the public and free. If you don’t want to rent a boat to crab, this is the spot.

This is a working fish dock with many fishing boats of different sizes bringing in their catches.  An excellent place to see seafood being offloaded and get a small taste of the fishing experience. On some days, you can buy fresh fish right off the boats. In-season local fishermen sell their albacore tuna off the boat. Welcome the fishermen as they return home or wave them off as they go to sea. 

Hear the sea lions barking and swimming around the piers by the docks. Fun to stand and watch them up close. Great area for a stroll. Many photo ops to take advantage of. You can watch the fishermen load/unload boats and head out.

A quick and easy detour off Hwy 101 offered great views of Conde McCullough’s Yaquina Bay Bridge, the Newport Marina, and many happy crabbers.

Crabbing from Bay Street Pier (Dock) …. temporarily closed because of homeless

This is authentic. Real fishermen are here having a smoke after having come in after a grueling shift. Some shops sell tourist stuff and shops that sell freshly caught seafood. It has an abundance of good restaurants.

You can find noisy sea lions and noisy kids, and the whole area is permeated with a fishy smell. It’s a great place to people-watch.  Several large and bustling fishing processing plants share space for small piers, lots of restaurants, seals, boardwalk, fishing boats, salt air, lots of shops, and places to explore. Parking is a problem, but worth looking for parking. Usually, find a side street to park.  It has everything from the more commercial seaside attractions to quaint gift shops and many restaurants. A great place to buy fresh oysters. 

A very enjoyable experience walking both sides of the street. Excellent food, sweet treats, fresh seafood right off the boats, beautiful products by local artisans. Very relaxed vibe. Anything you’re looking for can probably be found in these few blocks

An easy detour off Hwy 101 offered great views of Conde McCullough’s Yaquina Bay Bridge, the Newport Marina and many happy crabbers.

Crabbing from the Rogue Pier (Dock)

The third Dock is across the bridge next to the Rogue Brewery.

Newport takes crabbing very seriously. In fact, the phrase “The Dungeness Capital of the World” became a registered trademark of the city in 2007.

Newport’s commercial crabbers have been harvesting record numbers of this prized culinary crustacean for over a decade. Crabbing from a dock or pier is much easier and less expensive than crabbing from a boat, although the availability of crab is limited to the specific area where you choose to drop your traps.

Native red rock crabs, which prefer the complex habitats that docks offer, are a common catch in these areas. Gear may be set anywhere within public areas along these docks, but be sure not to interfere with boat traffic.

Rogue Brewery is next to the Dock and they offer tours

Dungeness crab season is year-round for Newport.  The Dungeness crab is a saltwater creature. Beginning in September, crabs will tend to be more “filled out,” meaning there is a higher percentage of quality meat.

Crabbing Boat Rentals Options

  • Up to 2 hours: $100.00
  • Up to 4 hours: $150.00
  • Up to 6 hours: $200.00
  • Three (3) bait traps
  • Crab Gauge
  • Bucket
  • Life Jackets
  • Safety Box
  • Access to Crab Cookers
  • BOAT DEPOSIT: $200.00 on a Credit/Debit Card
    (refundable if boat and all equipment is returned in clean, working condition)

Address: 1000 SE Bay Blvd,

Newport, OR 97365-4201

Phone: 541 265 8521

Boats are available from 9 am to 4 pm daily


24 hours: $50.00
$100.00 REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT on a Credit/Debit Card

Children 12 years and under are required to wear a life jacket
while on the docks and on the boats.

Boat rentals are limited to Yaquina Bay and are not allowed in the ocean or beyond the bay bridge.

Crab boats may not be rented if our Dock Master determines that the weather or water conditions are too rough.

Newport Marina Store & Charters

For a fun day on the bay of “do it yourself crabbing.”

  • Aluminum boats ,,, 14 foot
  • Outboard motors … 9.8
  • Fuel
  • Personal flotation devices
  • Anchor,
  • Three crab rings

Newport Crabbing

  • We also offer afternoon ocean crabbing adventures, and many of our fishing trips include crabbing for an additional charge.
  • We  stock crab rings, bait, bait bags, measuring sticks, and everything you’ll need for a do-it-yourself morning or afternoon of crabbing.
  • Reserve your rental boat early, especially for weekends!
  • A shellfish license is required, and they are available for purchase in our store.

2023 Rates

Bay Crabbing
4 HR Boat Rental $80.00
8 HR Boat Rental $150.00

2128 SE Marine Science Drive
Newport, Oregon 97365

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