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We will provide you with 4 Crab Max 2.0  Enhanced Traps. We have found that since Oregon allows each Crab License Holder to have 3 Crab Traps, most people who purchase Crab Traps buy three (3).

This is the special offer we will be making on the internet.

Crab Max 2.0  Enhanced Traps

Three (3) Crab Enhanced Traps, Three Black stronger Hand-lines


Each purchaser will place the order online thru our Paypal account. Your location will be not advertised unless you request it. When a purchaser places an order, we’ll reach out to you for you to make arrangements with the purchaser to pick up the traps. For every three picked up from your location, we provide 4 more. So you keep one web of the four for your trouble.

  • There is no investment
  • No risk
  • We keep you supplied with traps
  • You do not collect or handle the money
  • You may sell your trap for $57 through our web site.
  • You may rent your trap
  • Keep it for your personal use
  • On Sept 15,i 2023 at the end of the sale period or if there are no sales, we will pay to have three (3) traps returned to us and you keep the fourth one free.

If this offer is of interest to you please contact us at 541-765-2109 or email

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