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Crabbing at Netarts Bay’s Garden RV Resort

Catch your Dinner

The nearest place to rent just Crab Traps for 24 hours is under the Siletz River Bridge at Hwy 101 and RT 224, south of Lincoln City. They rent Danielson (box), Crab Rings, and Crab Max 2.0.

CLICK HERE for details or rates and times

The following Crab Traps are available in Netarts for Sale

Enhanced Crab Max 2.0

The Crab Enhanced is a knockoff of the original Crab Max with stronger hardness and attached fitting

  • Hand-Line to Fishing Snap Breaking Strength increased to 200 lbs.
  • The Breaking Strength from the Fishing Snap to Swivel increased to 220 lbs.
  • The Breaking Strength from Swivel to Trap has been increased to 350 lbs.

Crab Max 2.0 Enhanced only one per customer

One (1) Crab Trap plus 100 ft black Hand-Line 350 lb breaking strength Free Local Pick-Up. If Local Pick=Up is not available, then Free Shipping


  • You can have three (3) Crab Traps with one license.
  • You will have to furnish your crab bait. Fresh chicken drumstick (one drumstick needed per hour/trap) is recommended.

Spring Special three (3) special

Three (3) Crab Enhanced Traps, Three Black stronger Hand-lines FREE Local Pick-Up


“CrabWise Bill” wrote the book “Oregon’s Crabs

CrabWise Bill has taught and designed crab traps for 20 years. The first Crab Trap he was involved with was the Crab Max.

The Dungeness crabs in the cover photo were part of the thirty crabs “CrabWise Bill” caught while crabbing from the north shore of Siletz Bay.

The Book includes all the information necessary to take Dungeness and red rock crabs from Oregon’s Coastal Waters.

Evaluates the methods used to catch Dungeness and red rock crabs.

Updated maps of Oregon’s Bays that disclose the areas of Oregon’s Bays where crabs are commonly caught.

Describes the innovative methods used to humanly kill Dungeness and red rock crabs.

Describes How to Shake Crabs. Recover a higher percentage of crab meat using the method professional crab shakers use.

Oregon’s Crabs Book

Crab Louis’s recipe is in Oregon’s Crabs book, the 116-page new edition of Oregon’s Crabs. Free shipping



Eighty five year old crabber, Stan wrote, “Thanks for a great book, Bill…..It answers all my questions and much more.  I’ll be using box traps off my boat in Winchester Bay for a while.  Thanks, again, Stan”

Derek from Eugene writes, “Hey William, I wanted to just thank you for the new “crab max” traps that we received. We love them and they work great. Also the book “Oregon Crabs” is filled with helpful information. Thanks again Derek in Eugene”

The book Oregon’s Crabs was the first publication in the NW to stress the importance of backing and cleaning crabs as soon as possible after being caught to minimize contamination of the body meat by marine toxins.

In today’s environment, it is vital to back and clean the crabs immediately after being caught during periods with elevated Marine Toxins. Generally, Dungeness crabs are safe to eat up to 2 hours after death.

In Today’s environment, the crab’s powerful gastric fluids containing marine toxins can penetrate the body meat in the crab’s honeycomb cartilage. This problem is eliminated by cleaning the crab by backing it as soon as they are caught. Of course, this is a moot point and unnecessary when the ocean water is free from marine toxins. Always check the Shellfish Hotline before crabbing or digging clams. The importance of the accuracy of the Shellfish Hotline cannot be overstated.

Outdoor Activities
Netarts Bay Garden RV Resort is centrally located near the Oregon Coast’s various outdoor attractions, including the finest sightseeing, clamming, Boat Crabbing, fishing, and hiking. Our resort offers enjoyment for young and old alike.

Park Grounds
Our park has excellent services to provide our guests with comfort and interest. Our history of satisfied guests is essential to us, and we continue to upgrade and beautify our facilities for your enjoyment. You may want to relax and enjoy the area’s serenity or venture off-site to take advantage of Coastal activities. We look forward to your visit.

Crab Boats

CLICK HERE for Current Crabbing results in Netarts Bay.

Boats can be rented for the RV park for $140/3 hours.

 Three (3) Baited Crab Rings or 2 Baited Crab Rings and one (1) Crab Max Enhanced 2.0 (This is a demo model and is only available upon request.

  • Crab Gauge
  • Bucket
  • Life Jackets
  • Fuel
  • Safety Box
  • Crabs cooked for $11/dozen
  • Crab licenses.$10 in the state … $19 for a 3-day out of state.

Try it … You will like it …. catch them yourself.

The  Enhanced Crab Traps, can be pulled the trap sidewise or up and never lose a Crab.

If you notice a difference in the number of Crabs caught and want to purchase you can have either Crab Trap tomorrow if your orders are placed and paid for by noon today.

Expect UPS delivery as soon as the next day, except on weekends.

CLICK HERE for details.

CLICK HERE for daily Netarts’ Daily Crab report.

Email for price or Call 541-765-2109



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