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Lettuce Storage Bowls©

A Lettuce Storage Bowls©  is a mini version of the Lettuce Tub© …. CLICK HERE ….for details.

Lettuce Storage Bowls© is a carefree technique that allows you to store lettuce hydroponically without electricity, pumps, or wicks. You don’t have to change the nutrients in the bowl or add nutrients. It’s as close to an altogether “hands-off” storage technique as there is.

Normal hydroponics techniques can grow lettuce without soil, but it requires a lot of moving parts such as: pumps, wicks, airstones …and the electricity to power them all.

In a traditional hydroponics systems setup, you typically have your lettuce in a little pot with growing medium and you place it in a water reservoir. Then you fill the reservoir with nutrient solution up to a certain point.  An airstone is needed to create bubbles that pop at the surface of the water, hitting your growing media and feeding your plant’s young root system.

Sustainable Living Center of Oregon

At the Center, we experiment with Permaculture techniques and technology to use existing material to solve food production and storage challenges.   In addition, we strive to find low cost solutions.


Sustainable Living Center’s Lettuce Bowls©

The lettuce plant are grown first in a Lettuce Tub©.. The seedling gets water from the nutrient solution tub. It likes what it tastes and sends out more roots to get more of that nutrient rich water. The plant continues to grow, sends out more roots and consumes more water. An air gap is created between the surface of the water and the bottom of the lid. In this gap the plant sends out smaller horizontal roots to absorb oxygen.

These roots are called “oxygen roots”. If you were to fill the air gap with water it would drown the plant. Once the lettuce is harvest size, it is transferred to the Lettuce Bowl©,, which has a growing nutrient solution, to be place in the kitchen window and used as needed. It will continue to grow as long as it has sun and nutrient solution.

Technique based on Kratky Method

The inspiration for the Lettuce Tub© came from B.A. Kratky of the University of Hawaii and his discovery of the “oxygen roots”

How do leafy greens support healthy immune systems?

With the local food system rapidly changing to keep communities safe, maintaining a balanced nutritional diet is also vital. The Sustainable Living  product’s are packed with lots of vitamins and minerals that support immune system health.

Dark green and red-colored leafy greens indicates higher nutritional content and most leafy greens are a great source of vitamins and minerals essential for immune system health:

Antioxidants can help protect and balance the body by fighting free radicals. 

Beta-carotene is an antioxidant that’s converted into Vitamin A, which is a nutrient appearing to be rich in disease-fighting elements. 

Fiber promotes the removal of toxins.

Potassium helps regulate body functions such as the nervous system, muscle and heart contractions, and fluid balance.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids can help prevent blood clotting, promote heart health as well as fight inflammation, depression and anxiety.

Folate helps your body create new cells and may play a role in preventing heart disease and inflammation.

Vitamin A is known to promote healthy eyes, skin, and immune system.

Vitamin B’

  • B5 promotes the production and release of antibodies.
  • B6 may promote brain health, eye health, and may help fight depression.
  • B1 (thiamin) is needed for nerve and muscle functions as well as metabolizing carbohydrates
  • B2 (riboflavin) is needed for metabolism and energy production.
  • B12 helps to maintain healthy cells, nerves, and DNA production.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps boost your immune system and may help combat iron deficiency, lower heart disease risk, and lower blood pressure.

Vitamin K plays a role in benefits that include healthy bones, improved memory, and heart health.

We sell farm fresh eggs also

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