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Crab Mini© ….NEW @ $40

Crab Mini© Trap is new. Due to popular demand and the need for a very lightweight stainless steel frame crab trap, it was developed. It can easily be cast with your fishing rod. Use the Chicken Spike to attach your favorite bait or a drumstick to lure the crabs.

 The Crab Mini© has a stainless steel frame and axel covered with nylon netting and is perfect for casting from your rod & reel. It has a 200-pound test monofilament harness with a heavy-duty 6/0 swivel.

Let it soak on the floor, and reel in your crab! The Crab Mini© Trap can be used on a boat, from a pier, or even from the shore with a Hand-Line.

  • Heavy duty nylon netting 
  • Stainless steel frame 
  • Equipped with Chicken Spike 
  • 169 square inches of Crab catching area

Crab Mini© is based on the proven design of the successful Crab Max© Trap. The Crab Mini© is a very lightweight triangle shape stainless steel frame that is easy to cast with your fishing rod. Let it soak on the floor and reel in your catch! 

The Crab Max© is the same as the Crab Mini© but the Crab Max© is usually used from the shore with a Hand-Line, where the Crab Mini© is used from a fishing pole

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