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One (1) Recycle Crab Max Trap

Two (2) Recycle Crab Max Traps – 70 USDThree (3) Recycle Crab Max Traps – 105 USDFour (4) Recycle Crab Max Traps – 140 USDFive (5) Recycle Crab Max Traps – 175 USDSix (6) Recycle Crab Max Traps – 205 USD – USD function initPayPalButton() { var shipping = 0; var itemOptions = document.querySelector(“#smart-button-container #item-options”); var quantity = parseInt(); var quantitySelect = document.querySelector(“#smart-button-container #quantitySelect”); if (!isNaN(quantity)) { = “visible”; } var orderDescription = ‘One (1) Recycle Crab Max Trap’; if(orderDescription === ”) { orderDescription = ‘Item’; } paypal.Buttons({ style: { shape: ‘rect’, color: ‘gold’, layout: ‘vertical’, label: ‘paypal’, }, createOrder: function(data, actions) { var selectedItemDescription = itemOptions.options[itemOptions.selectedIndex].value; var selectedItemPrice = parseFloat(itemOptions.options[itemOptions.selectedIndex].getAttribute(“price”)); var tax = (0 === 0 || false) ? 0 : (selectedItemPrice * (parseFloat(0)/100)); if(quantitySelect.options.length > 0) { quantity = parseInt(quantitySelect.options[quantitySelect.selectedIndex].value); } else { quantity = 1; } tax *= quantity; tax = Math.round(tax * 100) / 100; var priceTotal = quantity * selectedItemPrice + parseFloat(shipping) + tax; priceTotal = Math.round(priceTotal * 100) / 100; var itemTotalValue = Math.round((selectedItemPrice * quantity) * 100) / 100; return actions.order.create({ purchase_units: [{ description: orderDescription, amount: { currency_code: ‘USD’, value: priceTotal, breakdown: { item_total: { currency_code: ‘USD’, value: itemTotalValue, }, shipping: { currency_code: ‘USD’, value: shipping, }, tax_total: { currency_code: ‘USD’, value: tax, } } }, items: [{ name: selectedItemDescription, unit_amount: { currency_code: ‘USD’, value: selectedItemPrice, }, quantity: quantity }] }] }); }, onApprove: function(data, actions) { return actions.order.capture().then(function(orderData) { // Full available details console.log(‘Capture result’, orderData, JSON.stringify(orderData, null, 2)); // Show a success message within this page, e.g. const element = document.getElementById(‘paypal-button-container’); element.innerHTML = ”; element.innerHTML = ‘

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1 Click the price option arrow below and select the option 1 thru 4 that matches the number of crab traps you wish to order. Click on option 1 to order 1 Crab Max crab trap with hand line for $35.00. Click on option 2 to order 2 Crab Max crab traps with hand lines for $35.00 ea for a total of $70.00 plus S&H. Click on option 3 to order 3 Crab Max crab traps for $35.00 ea for a total of $105.00 plus S&H. Click on the Add to Cart Button once to enter your order for Crab Max crab traps options 1 – 3. Then click on the Check Out Button.

2 To order 4 or more crab traps click option 4. Click on the Add to Carton Button once. Modify the quantity ordered to match the number of traps you wish to order for $35.00 ea. and click on the Check Out Button.

The amount of the shipping and handling based on your zip code. The shipping and handling charge varies from $8.75 for residents of Oregon or Washington and $9.75 for residents of California or Idaho and increasing amounts for residents of other states. The shipping and handling charge applies to the first crab trap ordered only.

Select the price option arrow for the number of traps ordered
  Price for one Crab Trap $35.00 USD  Price for 2 Cab Traps $70.00 USD  Price for 3 Crab Traps $105.00 USD  Modify quanty ordered to order 4 or more traps $35.00 USD 

Take advantage of the Crab Max Starter Kit for 45.00 and save $14.50 per order. The Basic Crab Max Starter Kit consist of the Crab Max crab trap with hand line, a copy of Oregon’s Crabs valued at $22.00 for $8.00 in addition to the free crab gage and one wooden crab mallets.

Take advantage of the Crab Max Starter Kit by ordering the Starter Kit for 45.00, plus 2 Crab Max crab traps for $84.00 or 3 Crab Max crab traps for $119.00. The shipping and handling charge is based on the state you live in as follows: Oregon and Washington $8.75, Idaho $9.75, Arizona and Nevada $10.75, Alaska and Hawaii $25.00 and all other states $19.50. Click the Add to Cart Button to place you order.

Crab Max Starter Kit
  With 1 Crab Max Crab Trap $49.00 USD  With 2 Crab Max Crab Traps $84.00 USD  With 3 Crab Max Crab Traps $119.00 USD 
Autograph Recipient Name

Oregon’s Crabs: the New Edition

The new edition is inclusive of the crabs of interest to recreational crabbers and stimulates the interest of young crabbers in the complexity and diversity of the crabs common to the Pacific Northwest. 

Plus Everything you need to know to take crabs in Oregon’s Coastal waters. Oregon’s Crabs is the complete guide to taking Dungeness and red rock crabs on the Oregon Coast. The 116 page book, Oregon’s Crabs describes every aspect of taking crabs from Oregon’s Coastal Waters. It describes the cyclical movement of crabs from our bays, identifies the most productive baits and the most innovative and productive methods used to trap crabs from Oregon’s Coastal Waters using crab pots, crab rings, crab snares and the most effective Crab Max folding crab trap.

Click the Add to Cart button below once to place your order for Oregon’s Clams for $22.00 plus $3.40 shipping charge the post office charges.

Autograph recipient’s name

The wooden crab mallet is a recent addtion to our family of products. at $3.00 per mallet is a great price for this time saver. The shipping cost of a $1.95 applies to the first crab mallet only. Click on the Add to Button below.

Click the Add To Cart Button below to order the Oregon, Washington and California Crab Gauge for a 3.50 per gauge.

To order additional hand lines for $10.00 ea click the Add To Cart button below. Order more than one hand line to reduce the shipping and handling charge of $6.80 per hand line. To order more than one hand line change the quantity ordered and click on the update quantity button. Enter the number of the handlines you ordered in the Text Box below. The shipping and handling charge applies to the 1st hand line ordered only.

Cick below to view Cart.

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