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We Buy, Recycle, and Sell (Recycle and New) Crab Max© and Crab Trapper© Traps

We BUY Crab Max© Traps, regardless of condition (if the steel frame is intact), for $10.

We RECYCLE your old, or broken Crab Max© Trap, regardless of condition (if the steel is intact), for $25.

We SELL recycled Crab Max© Traps from our Crab Trap rental inventory or Recycle inventory (Hand-Line not included) for $35. They are guaranteed operational, but used.

We SELL NEW Enhanced Crab Traps …$40 It looks and is identical to the original Crab Max© but with a different and stronger Trap harnesses, fishing snap, and swivel. It is rated at 200 lbs. break strength instead of 100 lbs. that comes with the original Crab Max. (Hand-Line not included) …….. Less Lost Traps

We SELL NEW Crab Mini© Traps, excellent for use with fishing poles (Hand-Line not included), for $40. (not available until after May 2023)

We SELL NEW Original Crab Max© (Hand-Line not included) for $45.

We SELL NEW Crab Trapper(©) (Hand-Line not included) for $45. (not available until after May 2023 … CLICK HERE for more details )

CLICK BELOW for DETAILS on all the Lincoln City Crab Trapper products and services

The Crab Max and the Crab Trapper can be used with Fishing Poles or Hand-Lines. Hand-Line options are listed below.

WE BUY =$10





The Crab Max© shown above is in the open position. In the closed position, it forms a triangle. It is an excellent trap when used wisely. However, if you do not use them anymore or they are broken, we will rebuild the Trap and return it to you for only $25 if the steel frame is intact.

Free pick up in Lincoln City, Depoe Bay or Newport ; otherwise you pay the postage both ways

We purchased the Crab Max©, and Crab Daddy© traps and have been renting them for six (6) years. There are perfect traps that do very well in the rental market.

We not only rent traps but clean and cook the Crabs. We only record what our customers catch by using our rental boats and Hand-Line from the shore to view the reports. CLICK HERE.

Since our customers use these traps and communicate any of their problems with the traps, we started making enhancements to the Crab Max© traps.

We have decided to start manufacturing our own Crab Trap Family, the Crab Trappers©. The first in the family is the Crab Trapper©, which costs $45 (not including Hand-Line). We use the same steel used in the Crab Max with added enhancement.

Crab Trapper© Enhancements

More Crab catching area

Crab Max© netting area is a square 15″ X 15″ = 225 sq inches of netting area.

Crab Trapper© netting area is a 12-inch radius circle 12″ X 12″ X 3.14 = 452 sq inches of netting area

Crab Trapper© offers more than 100% more Crab Catching Area than Crab Max©

Crab Trapper© increase catching area 452 – 225 = 227 more netting area or 227/225 = 100% more netting area.

Hand-Line Enhancements … less lost traps

The Hand-Line consists of four (4) parts

  • Breaking Strenth ……… Crab Max ………….Crab Trapper
  • Hand-Line ……………………… 200 lbs………….Choice of … 200 ,.. 340 or 500 lbs
  • Fishing Snap …………………… 120 lbs…………. 220 lbs
  • Swivel ……………………………. 220 lbs…………..352 lbs
  • Line to Close Trap ……………. 100 lbs…………..500 lbs

Hand-line is mounted on Plastic Holder, which will not rot.

The heavy-duty construction of the Crab Trapper requires more than 220 lbs to break any part of the Hand-Line or connections………….. Fewer lost traps

Better Crab Baiting … two sources to attracted more crabs

Chicken Spike

Easier to put the bait on the Chicken Spike. We recommend Dark Meat Chicken

The Spike is Horizontal with a simpler release pen.

Smell Bag or second Bait Bag

The Smell Bag lures crabs with the smell of the bait, After 5-6 minutes, the Trap is pulled, and there are more Crabs caught than in regular traps.

According to the experts, Crab finds food and appeals to their sense of smell. Crabs rely on their sense of smell to find prey. Crabs have chemoreceptors that detect chemicals in the water released by their prey. These chemoreceptors are located on a crab’s antennae. These are long, segmented appendages near the Crab’s eyes that have both chemoreceptors and allow them to feel their surroundings.

Crabs don’t smell through any organ-like a nose but instead use microscopic “smelling” organisms. Therefore, anything that has a strong smell can attract a whole host of these creatures.

Crab Attractant is an oil. The oil is quite attractive to crabs. It also contains unique amino acids that give it unparalleled versatility in going after all kinds of other species. It is a commercial product you can buy, but it’s made of natural ingredients like anise oil, fish oil, amino acids, and salmon egg juice. Soak the provided sponge or marinate any bait with this add-on oil for about three hours before using it.

To see independent opinions of Crab Attractant, We use ProCure and Smelly Jelly as Crab Attraction.

If you Crab in a place where crab traps can get caught, we have the following Hand-Line options.

Soft Braided Hand-Line (90 ft) Option … $10.00 when ordering with a trap order.

  • Strongest Hand-Line … Tensile* Strength of 420. If you get tarp caught on something, you can pull harder before the line breaks … FEVER LOST TRAPS
  • Easier on the hands when not wearing gloves,
  • The Hand-Line will tangle easiest if put into a pile. It works well if you spread it over a wide area. If you pile it in one place, it will tangle more than the Hard -Line braided

Black Braided Poly (100 ft) Option …. $12.00 (Hand-Line must be ordered with traps)

  • Less robust line … Tensile* Strength of 300. This means if you get trap caught on something, you cannot pull as hard as the Soft Braid Hand-Line before the line breaks
  • Tangles less that the Hand-Line above

Hard Braided Lay Hand-Line (90 ft) … $15 Option … $15.00 when ordering with a trap

Hard Braided Hand-Line (130 ft) Option $20.00 when ordering with a trap order.

  • The original Crab Max came with a Hard Braided hand-line. They weaken the Hand-Line to make it not tangle as easyily.
  • Less robust line … Tensile* Strength of 200. This means if you get trap caught on something, you cannot pull as hard as the Soft Braid Hand-Line before the line breaks … More lost traps.
  • Rough on the hands if not wearing gloves

When ordering without a corresponding trap order $5/String extra plus handling and shipping

*Tensile Strength in pounds based on conditions pulled to break the line.

Crabbing Extras

Using a crab mallet and shaking the crab will cut your crab-picking time to minutes rather than hours. The crab mallet is used to humanely kill the crabs by turning them over onto their back and striking at their abdominal flap, humanly killing them before cleaning and cooking them.

The Mallet offers several advantages.

  • It reduces accidents when adding live crabs to a pot of boiling water.
  • Eliminates contact with the crab butter and internal organs, thereby reducing exposure to marine toxins.
  • Exposes the crab meat to the flavor of spices added to the boiling water, such as those found in Crab Boil.
  • Real time saver when cooking large numbers of crabs.
  • Crab Mallet … $3.00
  • Crab Keeper Gauge … $3.50
  • The 116-page color edition of Oregon’s Crabs Book for $14 when placed with a Trap order. Click Here for Details
  • Keepers are defined as 5 -3/4 inches across the shell.
  • Twelves (12) Dungeness Crabs are allowed per day per license
  • We Clean and Cook @ $2.50/Crab.

Shirts say, “I Catch my Dinner on the Oregon Coast.”

  • Sizes small – 4XL color teal blue
  • $25 if include with trap order
  • These three teenagers caught these Carbs with the Crab Trapper© Mod1 in one day.

Shipping and Handling Options

Free Depoe Bay, Oregon Pickup Locally.

Handling Fee …. $10 ,,, Packing and Delivery to Shipper for any size order

Shipping Options for up to 3 Traps … $ 35 … UPS Ground with tracking number if shipped In Oregon or Washington.

Shipping Options for up to 3 Traps … $ 20 .. Snail Mail (US postal service and no tracking number)} if shipped In Oregon or Washington.

Foe rate Outside of Oregon or Washington or more than 3 traps

Email …. quote

Phone quote call 541-765-2109

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