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Crab Trap Availability

Want to go Crabbing today?  We are open 8 AM – Dark.

We do have “no shows.” — Call 541-294-5064 at our Siletz River site at 82 Siletz Hwy.

This phone is the number of Ben and Heidi, who distribute the Crab Traps, Clean, and Cook the Crab.  They may be with a customer and not answering the phone. 

Please leave your number, and they return your call.

We do not require a deposit until you pick up the Traps.  When you pick up your traps, we require a Credit/Debit Card for deposit.

Cash may be used for deposits,  but only by calling 541-765-2109 for special arrangements.

Cash may be used to purchase Crab Licenses.

We rent three (3) types of Crab Traps that can be used from a dock, pier, or beach. To check the current crabbing catching situation …. Go to for daily catching results.

Questions about crabbing at  Siletz Bay, Depoe Bay, or Newport Bay call 541-765-2109 between noon and 10 PM or email

If your reservation is for the future, the reservation manager will be
reviewing it. We will be sending you more details by email about the Options
you selected and the best tides. We are having trouble with cell phone emails
and spam blockers. If you do not receive an email within 24 hours, please call
541-765-2109 between noon and 10 PM.


No one can Guarantee you catch a Crab every time you go Crabbing.  But as a member of the Club, and when you rent or purchase Crab traps from Siletz Rentals (at a 20% member discount), you are Guaranteed you will eventually catch your “Keeper” dinner… CLICK HERE

If you want to purchase Crab Traps, Call Carl 541-765-2109 to pick them up at
our Siletz River Location or at Depoe Bay location.


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