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Crabbing at Newport, Oregon

Available in Newport … Crab Traps for Sale Only

CLICK HERE … to see the Crabs caught with these traps in Newport

Available in Lincoln City …. Rental Crabs Traps ….. Single-Tandem-Quad Kayaks …. Crab-Cats …. Crab-Kayaks … Crab Free & Private Crab Clinics ……….. Crab Clean/Cooking

CLICK HERE … to see the Crabs caught with these traps in Newport

Three (3) Docks/Piers to choose from in Newport

  • Crabbing/Fishing Pier in South Beach
  • Crabbing/Fishing Pier on Abbey Street
  • Crabbing/Fishing Pier at Bay Street

These three (3) Docks are free in Newport and are free for all to use. It is less expensive to go crabbing from the dock or pier than to crab from a boat.

Unfortunately, you will have limited space to where you can drop your line and traps, and you will keep catching the same Crabs as the next Crab Trapper on the Dock just rejected and threw back.

Crab Trapper for sale Only in Newport


Three (3) Crab traps can be rented in Lincoln City and used from the three (3) Newport Docks.

  • Danielson Trap
  • Crab Ring
  • Crab Trapper

These can only be rented from the Lincoln City location until June 2023

Danielson Crab Trap….. is a “SOAKER” type of Crab Trap. Meaning you pull the trap after it has soaked for an hour or so.  It is 2 ft by 2 ft by 1 ft.  Danielson works by using the  Crab’s instincts to trap itself. It lures the Crab with bait bag into the large cage through strategically placed openings that they can enter but cannot escape.

The type of Crab caught depends on the kind of bottom of the Bay. Rock Crab like bays with a rocky bottom. Dungeness Crab likes sandy bay bottoms with ell grass. If the Bay has a rocky and sandy bottom; thus, you will catch Rock and Dungeness Crab.

The Soaker-type Crab Traps are typically used from docks, piers, and boats.

Ring Crab Trap … The concept is straightforward: bait the crabs into the ring and “pull” the trap up when you think the crabs are inside of it. The absolute most straightforward crab ring is a two-ring crab net. You should pull the Crab Ring up quickly as the outer ring forms a wall so the Crab cannot escape. You will pull a Crab Ring up every 5 -10 minutes, depending on the crab activity.

Crab Trapper consists of two metal netted 24-inch sides. When lying flat, it takes sort of the shape of a 24-inch circle. It is the only Crab trap that can be used from the beach or shore and a dock, pier, or boat.

There are two (2) other nearby Cities to choose from… Lincoln City (Historic Taft), and Depoe Bay

Crabbing in Lincoln City …. Siletz Bay .... CLICK HERE

Crabbing in Depoe Bay …. CLICK HERE

Rent Crab Traps to use from docks, piers, boats, shore, or beach Detail

No one can Guarantee you catch a Crab every time you go Crabbing.  But as a member of the Club, and when you rent or purchase Crab traps from Siletz Rentals (at a 20% member discount), you are Guaranteed you will eventually catch your “Keeper” dinner CLICK HERE

Crab Traps can be pickup at the Siletz River Location 82 Siletz Hwy South of Lincoln City for availability CHICK HERE

Rent Three Trap Option Set of (3) Crab Traps, a bucket, and a crab gauge @$50/set.  With Club Discount $40/set. Can make reservations online.  Reservations are No Deposit or Obligation Online at CLICK HERE  Crab Traps can be pick-up 8 AM – Dark with reservations.

Rent One Trap Option Set of  (1) Crab Traps, a bucket, and a crab gauge @$30/set  With Club Discount $20/set. Can make reservations online.  Reservations are No Deposit or Obligation Online at CLICK HERE  Crab Traps can be pick-up 8 AM – Dark with reservations.

PURCHASE Three Trap Option  CLICK HERE Three (3) Crab Trappers, a bucket, and crab gauge @$125/set. With Club Discount $100

PURCHASE One Trap Option  CLICK HERE One (1) Crab Trapper, a bucket, and a crab gauge @$50. With Club Discount $40.  The office sales & reservation staff is only available to ask questions and sales from noon – 9 PM… 541-765-2109

Crab License … must-have.  Available at our Siletz River Location. Instate @$10/year….  Out of State @$28/3 days.

Crab Bait is not provided … we recommend you buy raw dark meat chicken for bait, seals do not like chicken, but crabs do.

Rent Single and Tandem Kayaks AVAILABLE NOW at the Siletz River Location

  • Kayak Launches available 8 AM – Dark. The office reservations staff is available @ 541-765-2109 to ask questions from noon – 10 PM. Reservations for Single and Tandem Kayaks are made online.  Reservations are No Deposit or Obligation On-Line at CLICK HERE. If you make a reservation for today, make the online reservation, then call 541-765-2109 to ensure your reservation is processed today.
  • Kayaks are launched one hour before high tides.  CLICK HERE for the High Tide table 
  • All kayaks will be disinfectant after every use.
  • .ll life jackets are not reused for 48 hours.

Crabbing for Abbey Street Pier (Dock)

Enjoyed the short, level walk and talking with people on the pier. One of the great things about this pier is that it has an actual working dock, not just tourist shops.  One family caught eighteen crabs in four hours, not counting the ones they threw back, but this was an exception, do not count on doing this every day.

It’s a long stretch of dock open to the public and free. If you don’t want to rent a boat to crab, this is the spot.

This is a working fish dock with many fishing boats of different sizes bringing in their catches.  An excellent place to see seafood being offloaded and get a small taste of the fishing experience. On some days, you can buy fresh fish right off the boats. In-season local fishermen sell their albacore tuna off the boat. Welcome the fishermen as they return home or wave them off as they go to sea. 

Hear the sea lions barking and swimming around the piers by the docks. Fun to stand and watch them up close. Great area for a stroll. Many photo ops to take advantage of. You can watch the fishermen load/unload boats and head out.

A quick and easy detour off Hwy 101 offered great views of Conde McCullough’s Yaquina Bay Bridge, the Newport Marina, and many happy crabbers.

Crabbing from Bay Street Pier (Dock)

This is authentic. Real fishermen are here having a smoke after having come in after a grueling shift. Some shops sell tourist stuff and shops that sell freshly caught seafood. It has an abundance of good restaurants.

You can find noisy sea lions and noisy kids, and the whole area is permeated with a fishy smell. It’s a great place to people-watch.  Several large and bustling fishing processing plants share space for small piers, lots of restaurants, seals, boardwalk, fishing boats, salt air, lots of shops, and places to explore. Parking is a problem, but worth looking for parking. Usually, find a side street to park.  It has everything from the more commercial seaside attractions to quaint gift shops and many restaurants. A great place to buy fresh oysters. 

A very enjoyable experience walking both sides of the street. Excellent food, sweet treats, fresh seafood right off the boats, beautiful products by local artisans. Very relaxed vibe. Anything you’re looking for can probably be found in these few blocks

An easy detour off Hwy 101 offered great views of Conde McCullough’s Yaquina Bay Bridge, the Newport Marina and many happy crabbers.

Crabbing from the Rogue Pier (Dock)

The third Dock is across the bridge next to the Rogue Brewery.

Newport takes crabbing very seriously. In fact, the phrase “The Dungeness Capital of the World” became a registered trademark of the city in 2007.

Newport’s commercial crabbers have been harvesting record numbers of this prized culinary crustacean for over a decade. Crabbing from a dock or pier is much easier and less expensive than crabbing from a boat, although the availability of crab is limited to the specific area where you choose to drop your traps.

Native red rock crabs, which prefer the complex habitats that docks offer, are a common catch in these areas. Gear may be set anywhere within public areas along these docks, but be sure not to interfere with boat traffic.

Rogue Brewery is next to the Dock and they offer tours

Dungeness crab season is year-round for Newport.  The Dungeness crab is a saltwater creature. Beginning in September, crabs will tend to be more “filled out,” meaning there is a higher percentage of quality meat.

Weekly Free Crabbing Clinic … CLICK HERE

We teach a crabbing system developed by Bill Lackner of Lincoln City has been teaching how to use this system in Siletz Bay since 2004.

The Clinic will provide an overview of Oregon’s crabbing regulations, harvest methods, location of the four (4) crabbing docks, cleaning & cooking methods and live demonstrations.

Crabbers are allowed to crab with up to three devices per license.  At the Clinic will be demos on how to crab from shore or a kayak. Crab Traps will be available to rent, purchase or bring your own traps for demo.

Crab Licenses .. Oregon State Resident = $10 … Three (3) Day Our of State =$28


Location of Free Crabbing Clinic

Location of clinic will be in Lincoln City, Depoe Bay, or Newport.. The location may be changed week to week depending on the rains, tides, weather, and registration. Once you are registered, you will be given where the next clinic is located.

Any time is the time to Crab, but some or better than others.

“Slack water” also called “Slack Tide” (the times of peak high or low tide) are the best times to crab. During swift tidal exchanges crab often bury themselves, but at slack water, more crabs are walking around foraging, since they are less affected by tidal currents.


 The favorite time to harvest crab is roughly the one-hour time slot on each side of the high tides or low daily rides (one hour on each side equals a two-hour time slot). At this time, the waves are moving the slowest, allowing the crabs to roam around and look for food without needing to fight the current, but crabs can be trapped any time of day.

Crab Licenses 

  • State Resident = $10
  • Three (3) Day out of State = $28


CLICK HERE ….. FREE Kid’s Crabbing Special

Everything a Kids ages 8, 9, 10, 11 needs for an opportunity to Crab at no charge for 24 hours,.. The only restriction – One per family with adult 3 trap rental & valid Credit Card

Adult 24-hour Crab Trap package $50

  • Three (3) crab traps and line
  • Bait & License not included

Reservation Hours … noon – 9pm … 541-765-2109

Cooking hours – 8am – Dark (by Reservation Only)

  • Cooking Location 82 Siletz Highway
  • Lincoln City, OR   97267
  • 541-765-2109


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