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Three (3) best Crab traps for catching Dungeness Crab on the Oregon Coast

The Sustainable Living Center in Lincoln City is running a series of tests to determine which Crab trap will catch the most “Keepers.”  A Keeper measures at least five (5) ¾ inches across the shell.


The experts predicted the Oregon Coast will have a 9.0 earthquake and tsunami.  It is not a question if it is going to happen, but when.  According to FEMA in Portland, it will be 18 -24 months before the roads and bridges are repaired for food and fuel to be delivered to the coast.

There will be a food shortage, but if one has the best Crab trap, knows how to use it, knows how to clean and cook Crab, they will have an endless source of food and an excellent source of protein.

Three Crab traps to be tested in Newport, Oregon … “Dungeness Crab Capital of the World.”  

If interested in testing the three traps free, but you furnish the bait.   ….. CALL 541-765-2109.

RENT or PURCHASE Crab Traps to use from docks, piers, boats, shore, or beach Details

  • Crab Traps can be pick-up 8 AM – Dark with reservations. The office reservation staff is available to ask questions from noon – 9 PM.
  • RENT a Set of three (3) Crab Traps, a bucket, and a crab gauge @$40/set with reservation are made on-line.  Reservations are No Deposit or Obligation On-Line at CLICK HERE Reservations are processed after 9 PM.  If you make a reservation for today, make the on-line reservation, then call 541-765-2109 to ensure your reservation is processed today.
  • PURCHASE CLICK HERE a Set of three (3) Crab Trappers, a bucket, and crab gauge @$125/set or One (1) Crab Trapper, a bucket, and a crab gauge @$50
  • Crab License … must-have.  They can be purchased on-line www or Lincoln City @ Bi-Mart or Newport @ Fred Meyers
  • Crab Bait not provided … we recommend you buy chicken for bait, seals do not like chicken, but crab do.

If not interested in our testing, we rent three (3) traps, bucket, and crab gauge for 24 hours for $40.   The traps may be mixed and matched.  The State of Oregon requires you have a shellfish license for every three (3) traps in your procession. You must provide the bait.  Crab like dark meat chicken best.  They will eat two (2) raw pieces per hour per trap.

Danielson Crab Trap….. is a “SOAKER” type of Crab Trap. Meaning you pull the trap after it has soaked for an hour or so.  It is 2 ft by 2 ft by 1 ft.  Danielson works by using the Crab’s instincts to trap itself. It lures the Crab with bait bag into the large cage through strategically placed openings that they can enter, but cannot escape.

Ring Crab Trap …. The concept is straightforward: bait the crabs into the ring and “pull” the trap up when you think the crabs are inside of it. The absolute most straightforward crab ring is a two-ring crab net. You should pull the Crab Ring up quickly as the outer ring forms a wall so the Crab cannot escape. You will pull a Crab Ring up every 5 -10 minutes depending on the crab activity.

Crab Trapper … This is the only Crab trap that can be used from the shore as well from a dock, pier or boat. It is the smallest of the three traps.  It is excellent for women and children to use. It can be used from a kayak, Crab-Cat, or boat with limited space.

Bait Bag with a SmellNew improved bait bag with Pro-Cure Crab Attractant Bait Oil … Available Jan 1, 2021

According to the experts, one needs to understand how Crab finds food and appeal to their sense of smell.   Experts believe that crabs have an excellent sense of smell – this is somewhat true, but not in this sense, you might think.

Crabs don’t smell through any organ-like a nose but instead use microscopic “smelling” organisms.  Therefore, anything that has a strong smell can attract a whole host of these creatures. They will go after anything that comes into their path.  Furthermore, crabs will use their claws to dig or scratch up food from the seafloor’s bottom.  

Crabs rely on their sense of smell to find food. Crabs have chemoreceptors that allow them to detect chemicals in the water that are released by their prey. These chemoreceptors are on a crab’s antennae. These are long, segmented appendages near the Crab’s eyes that have both chemoreceptors and allow them to feel their surroundings.

Crabs also have antennules, shorter antenna-like appendages near the antennas that allow them to sense their environment. A crab can “taste” using hairs on its mouthparts, pincers, and even its feet.  Long story short? The stinker and smeller the bait, the better.

Foods that are natural to crabs seem to do better, such as fish carcasses, squid, clams, and the like. Natural baits also have a downside in that seals seem to love them as much as the Crab and Seals tear-up Crab Traps.

With a Smell Bait Bag with chicken, Crab can eat from the bag, but they have to pinch through the mesh to get to the chicken. Along with Smell Bait Bag’s side is a chicken spike with raw chicken and no bait bag protecting it.

We inject chicken with Pro-Cure Crab Attractant Bait Oil before it is placed in the Smell Bait Bag. The smell of the Pro-Cure attracts Crab but eat the chicken from the chicken spike. The scent will last longer and keep attracting Crab long after the chicken on the spike was consumed.

Three (3) pieces of dark meat chicken will be injected with Pro-Cure Crab Attractant Bait Oil for sale @ $10/3 pieces. after Jan 1, 2021.

The Crab will eat two (2) raw dark meat (drumsticks or thighs) from the Chicken Spike per hour per trap

The users of Pro-Cure say this


“Gain a 40% increase in catching crabs. I have tried other stuff, and this the strongest smelly scent that lasts longer. A half a gallon will last year a whole season for Dungeness crabbing. You do not need much to mix with your bait. Pair Pro-Cure with chicken. It is a Dungeness slayer.”

” Catching Crab has a lot of factors, and if you want to maximize your chances, you should probably use this.”

“Please don’t tell the guys crabbing on the pier I go to about this product.”

Three Crab locations to be used on the pier. At the first location, a Danielson Traps with bait bag is placed in the water. It will soak for one hour.  After one hour, it is raised, and the number of Keepers is recorded.

At the second pier location on the same pier, a baited Crab Ring is placed in the water. It will soak for 5 -10 minutes.  After each raise, the number of Keepers is recorded.

At the third pier location on the same pier, a baited Crab Max is placed in the water. It will soak for 5 -10 minutes.  After each raise, the number of Keepers is recorded.

After one hour, the traps rotate to a different location.  For example, the Danielson trap will move to where the Crab Ring was crabbing.

After the second hour, the traps rotate to a different location.  For example, the Danielson trap will move to where the Crab Max was crabbing.

The results of the testing will be published on this web site when completed please back to see the results.

Main Office – Depoe Bay, OR 97341


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