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Join the Crab Dinner Guarantee Club

What is the Siletz Rental’s Crab Dinner Guarantee Club?

No one can Guarantee you catch a Crab every time you go Crabbing.  But as a member of the Club, and when you rent or purchase Crab traps (the first time) from Siletz Rentals (at a 20% member discount), you are Guaranteed you will eventually catch your “Keeper” dinner… CLICK HERE

If you catch a “Keeper” on your first Crabbing experience, you are a full-fledged member, and we have fulfilled our Guarantee. and have the option of having your picture of yourself (and your Crab) posted on Only one Guarantee per membership.

If you do not catch a “Keeper” on your first try, you are Guaranteed the unrestricted use of one (1) Crab Trap, bucket, and gauge for 3 hours/day every day until you catch at least one male Dungeness “Keeper.”

A Dungeness “Keeper” measures five 3/4″ across the shell.  If you miss one on your first visit, the offer is still valid any following year or years.

Once you catch your “keeper,” you have the option of having your picture of yourself (and your Crab) posted CLICK HERE   You may decline the picture option, but you must acknowledge that you did catch a Crab Dinner and you are a full-fledged member of the Club.

20% Forever Discount

To encourage you to join the Club, we give a 20% discount on the rental and/or purchase of Crab Traps.  This discount is not just a first-time 20% discount, but as long as you are a member of the Club and wear the shirt when you rent and/or purchase. If you have an “I Catch Dinner” Club tee-shirt are wearing the shirt, you are entitled to a 20% discount.

Besides, you will be given a 20% Discount forever on any Crab Trap rental or Purchase of Crab Traps, so long as we are in business and someone in your group picking up the Crab equipment is wearing the Club shirt.

The cost to join the Club is $25.  The regular rental rate for 3 Crab Trap,  bucket, and gauge is $50. As a Club member with a 20% discount, your first-time rental with a deal of only $40.  Thus, the cost to join the Club has been reduced to only $15.

As a Club member, you may have your Crab clean and cooked for $2.50/Crab. No limitation on the number

Information Office Hours …. noon – 9 pm …. Everyday … 541-765-2109 

Cooking hours – 8am – Dark (by Reservation Only)

  • Cooking Location 82 Siletz Highway
  • Lincoln City, OR   97267
  • 541-765-2109


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