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Beach Crabbing in Oregon

Reasons why to Crab from the Beach

  • With Crab Dinner Guarantee same price of one (1) Crab dinner….. CLICK HERE
  • Save yourself $100 because you do not need a boat … CLICK HERE
  • Weather too bad for boating or no boats available
  • Perfect for people who get sea sick or afraid of water
  • Total family participation
  • Safe for young children
  • Fun for everybody
  • One-stop where everything needed can be rented
  • Free Bath Room readily available
  • Home made Clam Chowder only steps away
  • Day Trippers can Crab and take home cooked Crab ready for Dinner in an little as 3 hours.

See how many and size caught from the beach in Siletz Bay

We believe the most important reason is to have a sustainable source of food.  We are the Sustainable Living Center of Oregon; our mission is to teach people how to have sustainable food regardless of what happens: a pandemic, credit bubble, EMP, or any natural and man-made catastrophe.

We teach families with children how to catch, clean, and cook Crab so they can always have food to eat.  During the first part of 2021, we help 41 families with children between the age of 8- 11 years old learn how to crab from the beach and get them ready for dinner.

The next Free Kids Crab Fest is scheduled after tourist season on Sun Dec 12 2021. CLICK HERE for more information.

We furnished a Free Crab Trapper Set – consisting of one (1) Kid’s Crab Trapper Trap, Bucket, Crab Gauge, location, and instructions – for three hours to Crab from Siletz Bay and Depoe Bay

When the kids caught the Crab, they were shown how to clean and cook the Crab to have Crab for their family dinner.

  • How to bait your trap
  • How to know if you have Crab in your trap
  • How to identify sex and legal size
  • Adequate release of undersized and female Crab
  • Best time to crab

Free and Private Crab Clinics CLICK HERE  are  on the beach with hand on a demonstration

What to bring when you are beach crabbing

  • Gloves … Crab pinch
  • Dress in Layers … If no wind, it can get warm
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Boots? …. you will not have to get into the water, but you may want to

Information Office Hours …. noon – 9 pm …. Everyday … 541-765-2109 

Cooking hours – 8am – Dark (by Reservation Only)

  • Cooking Location 82 Siletz Highway
  • Lincoln City, OR   97267
  • 541-765-2109


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