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Just Wait Teens© …. a drug, alcohol, and tobacco prevention program for teenagers is providing On-Demand Products

Joseph A. Califano Jr, in 2008 states in his book, High Society, says, “The individual who reaches age twenty-one without smoking, using illegal drugs, or abusing alcohol is virtually certain never to do so.”

Joseph A. Califano Jr, Author. is the Founder and Chair Emeritus of The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University (CASA), an independent non-profit research center in New York City he founded in 1992.

My parents, in 1938 (seventy years before Joseph wrote his book), designed a program to help my younger brother and me to abstain from smoking or not to abuse alcohol (recreational drugs were not available at that time.)

Thus, they started the “Just Wait Teens©” program, which is now entering the third (3) generation with success for all involved.

When we entered our teens, in 1950, our parents sat us down and explained that if we reached twenty-one (21) without smoking or drinking, we would receive—$ 500, in 1950, I was twelve (12), and that was a lot of money, especially since my parents were blue collars workers with only an eighth-grade education. I received my $500 at 21, and so did my brother.

I have two children, and I did the same thing. In 1977, when my firstborn became a teenager, I offered $1000 (things cost more) if she abstained from smoking, no drinking, and no drugs until she was 21. She did and received $1000, and So did her younger brother.

My brother has three (3) children, and he did the same, with the same results.

My son has three (3) children; the oldest has just reached 21, and now the cost is $2000.

This is money well spent. Now, eight (8) family members are without addiction problems.

My point is that DRUGS, DRINKING, AND SMOKING are not wrong, but a teenager, brain is not developed enough to decide what is good or bad.

This is why the auto insurance rate decrease at the age of 26 because there are fewer accidents for people over the age of 26.

We have now formed an IRS-approved non-profit 501 3(c) corporation to offer our community the “Just Wait Teens” program.

Benefits of the Just Wait Teens© program

Teens develop drug-free friends.

Teens participate in positive activities.

Teens has a summer job regardless that does not depend on their age or experience.

A teen has a drug-free adult who shows interest in their life … a big brother.

Teens provide community service by recycling plastic.

AND you have the piece of mind of knowing you have done your best for you child.

They operate out of the Sustainable Living Center, based in Lincoln City, Oregon. It supports the “Just Wait Teens” with space and volunteers.

For a person to volunteer, they must be Drug-Free, No drinking between 8 am and dark, with smoking OK, but not in the community workspaces.

The Just Wait Teens will raise their scholarship fund by recycling plastic into products. Any teen wanting to work recycling plastic will have a job during their high school years.


The Just Wait Teen Scholarship Fund does not pay for the Cannabis Job Training program offered by Columbia Gorge Community College in The Dalles, Oregon.

The Lincoln City Crab Trappers designed and want to sell a new Crab Bait Bag. They created the bait bag and looked for vendors to supply the parts. This is the new design.

Key to the design was a unique style of opening and putting the bait in the bag. They tried using silicone coffee cup lids, but the cost was too much to make the bait bag profitable. …… Enter On-Demand Manufacturing (ODM).

On-Demand Manufacturing (ODM) is a service offered by a non-profit company where college graduate engineers volunteers design parts made out of recycled plastic (ridge or flexible) at no charge.

What is the ideal width and length of the bait bag?

How many would be required, and when?

ODM can change all this overnight and produce any quantity at the original cost of ten cents

Using ODM reduced the cost from a dollar ($1) to cost-effective amount.

The colors can be changed, for example it can made to glow in the dark to attract more Crabs.

The secret of how this works is how the OM non-profit 5013(c) is organized. Its name is “Just Wait Teens,” a drug, alcohol, and tobacco prevention program for teenagers.

All Wait Teens© who work and produce the product that generates revenue receive compensation, but eighty (80%) of the gross income goes toward the “Just Wait Teens©” college scholarship fund.

Any teenager in Lincoln County who will take the pledge and abstain from drugs, alcohol, and tobacco until they graduate from high school will receive one (year) paid college tuition + books at the local Community College.

There is no minimum grade point, number of classes to take, or less than 90 hours requirements.

If they abstain and do not want to go to college, they can receive $2000, but they must wait until they are 21.

To make this work, the Just Wait Teen collects and recycles plastic.

We have four (4) drop locations … Lincoln City, Depoe Bay, Newport, and Waldport. Some of these locations are at the volunteer’s homes.

If you want to support the Just Wait Teens and be part of this Prevention program, Please donate your milk bottles and sign your teen up.

  • There is no cost to sign up
  • Teen must be between 8 and 13 years of age
  • Must be a Lincoln County resident
  •  Complete the Just Wait Teen questionnaire
  •  Interview with a Big Brother (Sister)
  •  Sign their pledge and commit to spending at least 3 hours/month with Big Brother (Sister)
  •  Parents sign forms waiving liability and agreeing to their Just Wait Teen can random drug tests
  • Parent agrees to provide transportation for Just Wait Teen to be with Big Brother (Sister)

We need volunteers Big Brothers (Sisters) Requirements are:

  • Drug-free (reformed drug users welcome)
  • No alcoholics (meaning do not have to drink between 8 am and dark).
  • May smoke, but in the Community Work areas.

Speakers are available to present the “just Wait Teens©” program.

If you need a part for your product, for free consultation please feel free to contact us. 541-992-1697 or email


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