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Siletz Catamaran (SiletzCat).  It is the most stable water craft ever built.

canoe 22Family or Group of four can have the most stable water craft unit even made … the Siletz Catamaran (SiletzCat).

It is the most stable water craft ever built for:

  • Dungeness Crabbing
  • Salmon Fishing
  • Touring Siletz Bay Refuge
  • Floating down the Siletz River


Some folks don’t have the coordination to keep a kayak or canoe steady in the water. Some families have small children that can’t paddle for themselves. And still others may be perfectly capable of paddling a normal canoe, but they want to enjoy something more stable.  We have developed the “Siletz Catamaran.”  We call it the SiletzCat.


Marhen  South Beach, OR ….. Thank you soooo much we had a blast I highly recommend this amazing adventure with the little ones

two cano2The SiletzCat consists of two canoes or kayaks with a special kit to convert them into one catamaran. The structural integrity of this system has been proven on expeditions worldwide.

When crossing rough stretches of water, our SiltzCat offer incredible stability: the rig is virtually ‘untippable’.. It is the best way for a group or family to have a safe experience of getting the Crabs, Fish, Tour or Drift in Siletz Bay.

The SiletzCat will come in three (3) models:

  • Paddle
  • Sail
  • Motorized

loadingIt is very easy to load for all age groups.


stable2It is very stable, even if someone does something foolish


Kids can jump up and down.  They may scare the fish, and fall overboard but not tip the SiletzCat

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