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Sun Eclipse on the Water in a Kayak

total eclipse

The Siletz Moorage is offering Kayak and Canoe Rentals, and Guided Tours through the heart of Siletz Bay National Wildlife Refuge during the Solar Eclipse.
The channels and tidal sloughs at Siletz Bay National Wildlife Refuge are a great place to experience nature and the Solar Eclipse from a kayak or canoe.

hwy 101Siletz Bay is one of numerous estuaries located along Hwy 101. On either side of the highway, starched skeleton trees jut forth from the estuary and are reminiscent of a time when the salt marsh was diked for pasture. Osprey, Red-tailed Hawk and occasionally Bald Eagles are seen roosting at the top of these snags. Great Blue Heron, Great Egret can be seen foraging in the tidally influenced waters. Songbird choruses the paddlers include the Purple Martin, Song Sparrow, Marsh and Pacific Wren, Pacific-slope Flycatcher and Cedar Waxwing.

SiletzBay_Paddle(1)The guided paddle trips from June through September. These roughly two-hour trips will take visitors through the heart of Siletz Bay Refuge, all the while learning about its wildlife and natural history.

Trips are limited in size and scheduled on a first-come first-serve basis; therefore, advanced reservations are required.
Scheduled Siletz Bay Refuge Tours cost $50 and include 2 hours on the water, ½ hour instruction on land, a professional guide. You may either have your kayak or canoe or rent our. No experience necessary.

Down Siletz River Trips

Down river trips come with upstream transportation and with a guides cost $50/person are available from the following locations:
• Bear Park 6.7 river miles
• Strome Park 16 river miles
• Jack Morgan Park 25 river miles

Restrictions: Children under 16 years and people with serious medical conditions are not allowed on Scheduled Tours, but may request a Private Kayak Tour.

Those over 250lbs should notify us in advance.

Minimum Rates
Participants may provide their own canoe or kayak for each trip and launch at the Moorage for $6 including parking for one vehicle.
Participants can rent a kayak or canoe at the Moorage.

$50 for 4 hours – one person kayak
$60 for 4 hours – 15 ft canoe
$70 for 4 hours – two person kayak

Kayak rentals include kayak, paddle, seatback, life jacket, invasive species permit and parking for one vehicle.

During the summer, the area of Siletz River nearest the mouth of the bay often has unpredictable winds and waves.
For your safety, please dress appropriately for paddling in all weather conditions. Wearing a personal flotation device (PFD) is mandatory.
When making your reservation please indicate the number of boats in your party. Additional information will be sent out to all registered persons.


Solar Eclipse Glasses

glassesWhen it comes to viewing the 2017 Solar Eclipse, nothing is more important than safety. Solar Eclipse glasses are a must.
Oregon Coast Businesses can take advantage by bulk purchasing of Solar Eclipse Glasses.
Looking directly at the Sun is unsafe except during the brief total phase of a solar eclipse (“totality”), when the Moon entirely blocks the Sun’s bright face.

The only safe way to look directly at the uneclipsed or partially eclipsed Sun is through special-purpose solar filters, such as “eclipse glasses” or handheld solar viewers. Ordinary sunglasses, even very dark ones, are not safe for looking at the Sun.

Four manufacturers have certified to meet the ISO 12312-2 international standard for such products:
1. Rainbow Symphony
2. American Paper Optics
3. Thousand Oaks Optical
4. TSE 17

Are you interested in being part of a bulk purchase?

Customize Commemorative Solar Eclipse Gear

To see Samples

Polo Shirts…..Cotton Shirts
Golf & Sports……Pique…Poly-Cotton
Sweatshirts…..Crewneck…..Full Zip
Hoodies…..Sweaters & Cardigans
Dress Shirts…..Easy-Care…Oxford
Outerwear…Fleece Jackets & Vests
Insulated….Lightweight..Soft Shell
Vests..Headwear…Baseball Hats
Uniforms.. Polos & Shirts..Food Service
Hospitality..Housekeeping.. Security
Lab & Medical..Aprons..Bandanas

Commemorative Solar Eclipse Items can be seen at:
• Shirts, Outerwear & Jackets
• Back Packs & Hats
• Certified Eclipse Glasses




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