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Truffles Chickens

After the goats cleared the land of  himalayan blackberries, english ivy, scotch broom etc,  we need to eliminate the grass and weeds.

…. For this we are going to use chickens …

To control and protect the chickens, we decided to go with our special movable chicken tractors. We call them Chicken Sanctuary.  It consist of three parts::

  1. Chicken Coop Roosting Cube
  2. Pasture Run Area Dome
  3. Integration Triangle


1.  Chicken Coop Roosting Cube …. Night Time Protection from Raccoons and Coyotes.   It is made from the plastic 275 Gallon Tank of the IBC totes.

Features of the Roosting Cube:

No Waste Chicken Feeder


  • Attached to Cube
  • Holds one hundred (100) lb
  • Keep the Chicken Feed Clean


Clean Chicken Waterer

  • 2_waterFive (5) gallon Automatic
  • Keep Clean Chicken Waterer
  • HHorizontal nipples


Roll-a-Way Eggs Collection 

  • 1_eggs_roll
  • Easy Collection
  • Clean Eggs
  • No Eggs Eating Chickens
  • Water Proof Lids


Roost Perches for 6  – 8 Chickens


Automatic Door Opener\Closer

  • manual
  • Solar
  • Photocell
  • or
  • Timer

2.  Pasture Run Area Dome …. Day Time Protection from Eagles, Hawks and the neighbor’s dog.    Each Dome is attached to a  Coop Roosting Cube.   We are building a Hawk perch in the middle of the Truffles orchard.

  • new_chickens_350
  • Seventy One (71) square feet under Dome. Ten ((10) feet Diameter
  • Bottom two feet of Dome covered with Chicken Wire
  • Rest of Dome covered with deer netting
  • Six (6) tall to fit over Truffle Trees



3.  Integration Triangle ….  There are three (3) places (between the two pipes) to insert barriers to split the Triangle into two sections. 

  • 0_t_300
  • Capture Rain Water
  • Provide Sun Shade
  • Provide Wind Protection
  • Isolate Rooster
  • Integration new chickens into flock
  • Isolate Sick\Bully  Chickens

How the Chickens Clear the Orchard


There will be five (5) Chicken Sanctuaries  with Chickens.  They will be line up in a row.  As the Chicken clear the ground  of grass and weeds, they  are moved across the field.


We will keep posted as the Chicken do their work
















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