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A Sustainable Angel with the Just Wait Teens program will focus on a specific teen’s sustainable life. This means supporting a structure that will help that teen’s actions or decisions in the present set them up for a sustainable future, while remaining anonymous and not being directly involved with the teen’s decision process.

What make up a Sustainable Angle?

They care

They are passionate about issues, society, social justice, and economic equity and often advocate for sustainable practices and policies. They may have a business, science, economics, or social work background, be retired, or work in non-profit organizations, government agencies, or private sector companies prioritizing sustainability. Ultimately, anyone who intentionally reduces their impact on the planet and promotes long-term sustainability can be considered a Sustainability Angel.

They have assets but are not activists.

They prefer to be in the background. But do not want to engage in direct action, such as protests or demonstrations, but use more peaceful methods like education experiences and systems to promote sustainable practices. They aim to create a more sustainable and equitable future for all.

Just Wait Teens Program needs Sustainable Angles

The Just Wait Teens Program give $2000 to any teenager in Lincoln County who abstains from drugs, alcohol, and tobacco until they are 21 (or a free year of community college) For this program to work, the teen has to “KNOW” they receive the $2000 when they complete their pledge.

The first time for teens to sign up in Sept 9-10, 2023 ….

Since the teen signs up at 13, the program has seven (7) years to generate $2000 or $285/year or 23.80/month/teen.

Fund Raiser #1 …..The Just Wait Teens “should” earn $2000 by recycling plastic water bottles and soda cans. 238 recycled water bottles/soda cans/month per child …

Fund Raiser #2. …. The Just Wait Teens “should” earn $5/honor box/month @ 30 boxes= $150/month time 12 months = $1800/year …..

Fund Raiser #3 … On Upon Demand Manufacturing. The teens will recycle Milk Jugs plastic into small manufactured products…., The amount of revenue is unknown.

Fund Raiser #4 … to be determine

If the public supports these Funding programs and the Teens live up to their pledges, everything is OK.

BUT, unexpected things happen, and the $2000 may not be unavailable. That is when we need Sustainable Angles. We do not need their money, but if we fall short, a teen MUST KNOW if they do what they pledged, they WILL get what they were promised.

We have Sustainable Angles to fulfill the pledges for 21 teens, but we are limited to twenty-one teens in the program. So if we have more Sustainable Angles, we can have more teens.

These Sustainable Angles are anonymous, but their identity is known to the Board of Director of Just Wait Teens.

Would you like to join the Sustainable Angles Twenty-One Club? If so, call 541-765-2109 or email


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