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Would You Happen to have a location to place a Just Wait Teen Honor Box?

The Just Wait foundation ( will be placing Honor Boxes in Lincoln County locations to help raise money to pay $2000 to any Lincoln County teen who pledges to abstain from Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco until they are 21, and achieve their pledge — YOU CAN HELP.

Just Wait is a non-profit 501 3(c) organization. This is one of many fundraising efforts we’re using to raise both awareness and the funds to make the program work. Primarily, the organization will be collecting and recycling plastic bottles (check out www, as part of Oregon’s Bottle Drop recycling program, as well as collecting milk jugs ( to be remanufactured by the teens (with adult helpers) into products for use by local manufacturers.

We are looking for locations to place these boxes. 

The box will take ONLY 7- 1/2 inches by 11-1/2 inches counter space

Would you happen to have space for our Honor Box?

This is what a completed full Honor Box would look like.

DURABLE: Made from solid E flute material. Ninety flutes per linear foot. No more limp cardboard. High-quality materials. Rigid and robust giving you many years of top performance.

GLOSSY LAMINATED SURFACES: All exposed surfaces are shiny and smooth… even the lollipop holders. This allows stain/moisture resistance for easy clean-up. Wipe them down with cleaner over and over as necessary.

SECRET TRAP-DOOR: It is puzzling to open the money box if you don’t know how.

Locations where we would like to place our Honor Boxes

We are looking for:


Beauty salons

Auto repair

Retail shops

and anybody else WE think might help.

You furnish the space; we do all the work

  • We prepare boxes at our location and are ready with candy and lollipops when we come to your location.
  • We will be servicing the boxes every 2-3 weeks.
  • We clean your boxes to give your boxes a quick shine.
  • Repair any damaged boxes at our expense
  • We keep the area around your box neat, tidy, and clean. ​​​​​​​


If you have a location Please Call 541-765-2109 or email


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