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High Tides Launches Prevent Stranded Kayakers … Siletz Bay … Lincoln City … Historic Taft … Depoe Bay

Kayaker stranded on a mud bank when the tide goes out

We launch to prevent stranded Kayaks & Crabbers …

  • The Federal Nation Siletz Bay Refuge is 600 of marsh land and is greatly effect by the tides……
  • The entire Siletz Bay is marsh land except for a channel where the Siletz River goes in the ocean…..
The yellow in the picture is the channel and also where the crabs are located.

Therefore – we only launch once a day right before high tide …. CLICK HERE for current tide table

As a courtesy, we take NO DEPOSIT reservations to insure you will have the watercraft you desire to rent . We will give you a launch window and if you cannot make that launch window, then your watercraft will be rented on a first come – first serve bases. Please CLICK HERE to complete the free No Deposit Online Reservation form to take advantage of this courtesy offer.


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