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Trailer-Mixer … DIY

The Trailer-mixer is basically a stock tank – We recommend is 165 gallons tank with a blade rotating inside, like a giant food processor mounted on a truck bed trailer.

When the mixer is towed behind a vehicle, the wheels turn the gears of the differential (back axle from an old truck) and the part that used to connect to the driveshaft rotates facing upwards inside the tank whick hold a lawnmower blade. This blade chops up the paper and mixes it with water , Styrofoam, and cement to make Domecrete. 

Driving at five miles per hour for less than mile, will mix the DomeCrete ready to pump

After the Domecrete is mixed and ready to use, the mixer is driven over forms or molds waiting on the ground, and the mix can be released through the nozzle at the rear into the molds. So this Trailer-Mixer is both mixer and dispenser, and with it you can make all the Domecrete for many homes. The rubber nozzle  spout allows you to direct the flow of mix precisely into forms. 

Gathered materials:
A four foot diameter metal stock tank … $170
A full sheet of 3/4 plywood
Trailer from the rear end from a truck …. Craigslist = $200
The rubber inner tube from a large truck tire
A couple hinges
A lawnmower blade
A small can of bondo
A tube of silicone and liquid nails
Assorted nuts and bolts and some wood screws

The first step was to assemble find a used trailer. Cut the plywood sheet in half and glued and screwed the two halves together to make an inch and a half thick platform to hold the stock tank.

Cut a hole in it where the end of the differential would stick through.

Cut the plywood to fit snugly around the differential so that it would be relatively easy to seal later.

Cut a hole in the stock tank as well so that it sat on top of the platform and fit over the differential too. Once everything was aligned I drilled through the tank, plywood and trailer rails and bolted everything together.

In order to get the DomeCrete out of the mixer a drain is needed.

Option 1 … Elephant’s trunk gate

Take the tank off and cut a hole that was the circumference of the truck inner tube.

Cut a third of the inner tube off and slid it through the hole in the plywood and secured it with a couple screws. It looks like an elephant’s trunk sticking out of the bottom!

Cut a matching hole in the stock tank but made the hole an inch smaller so the tabs and bend them down to secure the tank over the drain.

Bolted everything together and sealed the joint between the differential and the tank with bondo.

Made a flap under the trailer to hold the drain shut. Attach the lawnmower blade to the differential and there is a mixer.

Option 2 …. Slide Ditch Gate

Slide Ditch Gate used in irrigation systems. It comes in many sizes, which seal extremely well and fit inside PVC of various diameters or can be installed without the PVC.

It can be easily slid up, down, or closed completely to control how much mix comes out.

Which gate system used depend on the DomeCrete pumping systems.


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