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Invest in Precious Metals – Buy Brass

We are approaching a Crisis.  We are spending money we do not have and borrowing that we will pay back in the future.  This borrowing will cause a “Credit Bubble.”  When the bubble pops, and we can not pay back all the money we have borrowed (borrowed by printing more paper money or deciding that the number of BitCoins available is only 21 million)  and our money system collapses.   During the collapse, a dollar may only worth 10 cents. 

What happens when the crisis does come?

How can a person survive?

Survival Options:

  1. Preppers\Hoarder – Regardless of how much you hoard, there is a limit.
  2. Detainee of the Homeland Security Department – Give up your gun & freedom for security.
  3. Sustainable Grower – Learn from a Community where Sustainable Knowledge and experiences are shared.   

The  Sustainable Living Center of Oregon is a shared Sustainable Grower Community.

Every person in the Community has and is committing time to increase their Sustainable Knowledge.  The Community is willing to share their knowledge for a time commitment.

Regardless if you are a Prepper, Hoarders, or Sustainable Grower, you will have things: food, energy, water, and shelter that other people want.  In time crisis, they will try to take it from you, look at the looting in the cities. 

Initially, 13 states decided to unite.  But, they had a fear that what they created could become a dictator, so they included the 2nd Amendment,  the right to have arms.  It was not put there for the hunter or protect your home.  It was put there so if the peopled being governed did not like what they created, they could remove it by force if necessary.

To stop the looters and protect our freedom, we promote “Buy precious metals – Buy Brass.” CLICK HERE to buy brass

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