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Kayak Availability

We offer a 3-4 hour self-guided tour with no guide needed.


PADDLE through the 660 acres Siletz Bay Federal Bird Wildlife Refuge with its quiet canal like shallow waters, salt marsh, mudflats, sandy beaches, sea grass beds and sheltered channels form the complex tapestry of habitats characteristic of estuaries, where rivers meet and mingle with the sea. Though protected from the full force of the ocean’s pounding waves and buffeting winds, estuarine plants and animals must deal with the rigors of exposure, submersion, and fluctuation in salinity with each tidal cycle.

Exit the Refuge at our Siletz River location, where your vehicle is parked. You do not have to paddle upstream.

Rent Canoes, Single and Tandem Kayaks at Siletz River Location
 … CLICK HERE …. for future Courtesy Reservations

3-4 hours …. DRIFT & PADDLE …. $50/Single Kayak … $70/Canoe (2-3 person) … $90/Tandem Kayak … Please park your vehicle at our Siletz River location.  Be taken upriver to launch, and DRIFT downriver one mile to the movie house where Paul Newman and Henry Fonda made a movie. Enter the Federal Siletz Bay Refuge on the left of the movie house.

Want to go Kayaking today? Tours are only once a day because of the tides. Call 760-556-3887 for times.

Since we do not require a deposit with our courtesy reservation until you appear at our Siletz River location. We do have “no shows”.– Call Wayne & Diana at 760-556-3887 at our Siletz River site at 82 Siletz Hwy to check on today’s availability. They may be busy launching Kayaks, but leave your number and they will return your call.

For future No Deposit\Obligation Courtesy Reservation … CLICK HERE

If your reservation is for the future, the reservation manager will be
reviewing it. We will be sending you more details by email about the Options
you selected and the best tides.

We are having trouble with cell phone emails
and spam blockers. If you do not receive an email within 24 hours, please call
541-765-2109 between noon and 9 PM.

If have any questions about kayaking call 541-765-2109 between the hours of noon and 9 PM 7 days/week



We do not require a deposit with our Courtesy Reservations.  When you do rent, we
require a Credit/Debit Card for deposit.

We do not normally accept cash for a deposit because of cash shortages., but cash may be used for deposits by special arrangements.


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