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On-Demand Manufacturing

The Lincoln City Crab Trappers company, designed and want to sell a new Crab Bait Bag. They created the bait bag and looked for vendors to supply the parts. Key to the design was a unique style of opening to put the bait in the bag. They tried using silicone coffee cup lids, but the cost was too much to make the bait bag profitable. Enter On-Demand Manufacturing (OM).

On-Demand Manufacturing (OM) is a service offered to help companies get parts made of recycled plastic (ridge or flexible).

College graduates, engineers volunteers will design a part made of recycled plastic (ridge or flexible) at no charge.

If the part is produced, then the OM will manufacture the part ….. see the picture above of a piece designed.

The cost of the new style of putting bait into a bait bag was reduced from nearly a dollar ($1) to less the ten cents. The only place other places to get the cost this low was to order large volumes from China.

In Addition

There needed to be a way to determine the ideal width and length of the bait bag. The market will decide on the correct size rather than the engineers.

How many would be required, and when?

OM could change the width and height overnight and produce the quantity at the original cost of ten cents.

The Secret

The secret of how this works is the OM is a non-profit 5013(c) company called “Just Wait Teens.” a drug, alcohol, and tobacco prevention for teenagers.

The Sustainable Living Center Oregon, based in Lincoln City, Oregon, supports the “Just Wait for Teens” with volunteers. For a person to volunteer, they must be Drug-Free, No drinking between 8 am and dark, with smoking OK, but not in the community workspaces.

The Just Wait Teens will raise their scholarship fund by recycling plastic into products. So any teen wanting to work recycling plastic will have a job during their high school years. Eighty (80%) of the gross revenue goes toward the 5013 (c) for a scholarship fund.

Any teenager in Lincoln County who will take the pledge to abstain from drugs, alcohol, and tobacco until they graduate from high school will receive one (year) paid college tuition + books at the local Community College. If they abstain and do not want to go to College, they can receive $2000 at the age of 21.

To make this work, the “Just Wait Teen” uses recycled milk jugs and has set up four (4) drop locations … Lincoln City, Depoe Bay, Newport, and Waldport. Some of these are at volunteer homes.

If you want to support the Just Wait Teens and be part of this Prevention program, Please donate your milk jugs.

OM is up and running and making parts for Crab Trap. If you need a part for your product, contact us for a Free phone consultation at 541-765-2109 or Email


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