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Plastic into Crab Dinners

The Sustainable Living Center of Oregon in Lincoln City is developing a system to convert soda bottles (2-Litter only) into Crab Dinners.

If you know that most soda bottles are made from PET plastic, you’ve probably thought of a quicker way to turn that plastic into food. But, unfortunately, at 10 cents a bottle, that is a lot of bottles and a lengthy process.

We have a more straightforward way. We are developing a plan to take the soda bottles and convert them into our newly developed Crab Trap and let the people who donate their bottles use the Crab Traps free. This is only for two (2) litter bottles.

If a person signs up, donates, and delivers their soda bottles to one of our five (5) locations: Newport, Depoe Bay, Lincoln City, Waldport, and Toledo, then they with have free access to one crab trap, bucket, and crab gauge for 24 hours. Usage rate to be determined later.

All one needs to convert that into food is our Crab Trap and one of the docks in Newport, Depoe Bay, Waldport or the beach in Lincoln City and catch their Dinner.

If over 12, one will need a $10 yearly Oregon shellfish license, some fresh chicken for bait, and time to do some crabbing. CLICK HERE to order a license online from the state.

For a small fee, we will even show you how to clean and cook the Crab … Ready for Dinner.

For more information, details or to sign up, Call 541-992-1697 or email


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