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To order only the Oregon’s Crabs Book and Crabbing Extras.

The Dungeness crabs in the cover photo were part of the thirty crabs caught while crabbing from the north shore of Siletz Bay.

The Book includes all the information necessary to take Dungeness and red rock crabs from Oregon’s Coastal Waters.

Evaluates the methods used to catch Dungeness and red rock crabs.

Updated maps of Oregon’s Bays that disclose the areas of Oregon’s Bays where crabs are commonly caught.

Describes the innovative methods used to humanly kill Dungeness and red rock crabs.

Describes How to Shake Crabs. Recover a higher percentage of crab meat using the method professional crab shakers use.

Oregon’s Crabs: The book, 116-page new edition of Oregon’s Crabs provides the reader with a personal message. Click the Add to Cart button below to place your order for Oregon’s Clams for $22.00 plus 3.40 shipping and handling.

The wooden crab mallet is a recent addition to our family of products. $3,50 per mallet is an excellent price for this time saver. The shipping cost of $1.95 applies to the first crab mallet only. Click on the Add to Button below.

Killing and backing the crabs prior to cooking them offers the crabber several advantages: it reduces occurrence of accidents when adding live crabs to a pot of boiling water, eliminates contact with the crab butter and internal organs thereby reducing exposure to marine toxins, exposes the crab meat to the flavor of spices added to the boiling water such as those found in Crab Boil and is a real time saver when cooking large numbers of crabs.

Crab Gage. Click the Add To Cart Button below to order the Oregon, Washington, and California Crab Gage for $3.00 plus a $3.30 shipping and handling charge. Buy half a dozen crab gages to reduce the cost of the shipping and handling charge. The shipping and handling charge applies to the first crab gage only.

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