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Storage of dry food products

We cannot see it coming. It can be anywhere people get together, and we would not know it.  If it is your area, the best thing to do is to quarantine yourself a home.


When things start to get bad in your area, it will be too late to get the supplies you need. Be sure to stock up now instead of waiting until it gets worse!  Remember, grocery stores only have approximately three days’ worth of food until their stock depletes. It is also possible the catastrophe will prohibit you from leaving your home.   If this is the case, you should have an emergency food supply kit on hand and ready to go.

There is no shortage of food in America.  Once the groceries gear up, there will be plenty of good in the stores.  If the people are living paycheck to paycheck, if they buy bulk rice, bean, and pasta, they will save money NOW and would be able to self-quarantine.

The problem with self-quarantine is it longer than 14 days if you are trying to prevent getting it.   It could be months.

Assuming you have access to electricity, water, sewer, and natural gas, food will be your only problem. Stock up on food like you were going to be self-quarantined.

Cost?  You may not have the money to purchase a large amount of food just for quarantine purposes.  Our solution is to buy food in bulk quality that will last ten years or more and use it every day.

The problem is how to store and keep the rice, beans, pasta fresh and rodent free until you need them and at what cost.

How the Long-Term (LT) Food Storage Bucket System

Food is put into Mylar Sleeves, which are 24 inches high and 8 inches across.  Fifty lbs will fill four sleeves, and they will fit into one bucket.   

Mylar sleeves

Called these full buckets as “Your Stash.”  It can be any combination of buckets with lids.

Food sleeves are removed from “Your Stash” and place into the Kitchen Oxygen-Free Bucket as needed.

Details about Canning meat … click here

The Sustainable Living Center promotes canning meat.  There is room in your “Stash” buckets to store jars of canned meat.

details Oxygen Free Kitchen Bucket … Air is Out…. Fresh is In!….. click here

Oxygen Free Kitchen Bucket … Air is Out…. Fresh is In!…..

Air is the enemy!  When exposed to oxygen, food items generally start to break down by a process known as oxidation — leaving your brown sugar hard, your coffee bitter and your flour stale.  Traditional “airtight” canisters do nothing more than seal the oxygen inside with your contents, allowing continual oxidation.

With our lid, gasket, and handle-valve system, it removes the air from the bucket as you push the lid down to the level of the stored food; thus, keeping the food in your kitchen fresh until it is used.

Material & cost for the LT Bucket System for 50 lbs of rice, beans, and  pasta

Buckets & Lids.. home depot\lowes four @  $ ? = $??

Oxygen-Free Bucket Lid                  one @  $20 = $20

Mylar Sleeves + oxygen eaters            12 @ $10 = $10

                             Total cost $30 … FOB Lincoln City, Oregon

The only other expense is a kitchen food saver to cut and seal the Mylar Sleeves = ??

The saving by buying and using just one 50 lbs of rice will nearly cover the entire expense of this Long-Term Food Storage Systems.   

In Newport, Oregon is a food wholesaler who sells bulk food named Smart Food Service.   The also a Walmart in town.  The prices below are comparing food bought in bulk at Smart Food Service with Walmart on March 10, 2010.


Rice … It’s still one of the best survival foods to have in your stock.  You just need to know how to store it/  You also do not want it to become infested with maggots.

The best rice to store for the long term is white rice.  You can save white rice in Mylar bags inside your stash buckets with oxygen absorbers for over 20 years, while brown rice can only be stored for approximately six months until it starts to go rancid.  The reason for this is because the fats, oils, and bran the brown rice contain will go rancid quickly. 

Rice Example

Mahatma Long Grain Enriched Rice … CLICK HERE … 2lb. Bag  = $2.42  50lbs = $60.50


Saving of $41.15 on every 50 lbs of rice you eat. 


Beans …. It’s a great idea to stock up on beans due to their richness in protein, and it’s the ability to preserve itself well.  Beans contain 21g of protein per 100 g, That alone makes it a vital food source to have in your survival food stock.  Dried pinto beans are high in fiber, iron, and protein.

You may substitute white, kidney or other types of dried beans but honestly, pintos are one of the least expensive dried beans.

CLICK HERE Survival Woman Learns to Cook Dried Beans 

CLICK HERE Respect for the Lowly Pinto Bean

When prepared in our LT Bucket System, it can last upwards of 30 years in our Lt Bucket Systems.

Bean Example

Great Value Pinto Beans, 64 oz … 4 lb. Bag  = $3.44  50lbs = $43.00

FIESTA PINTO BEANS … 50lb Bag = $31.55

Saving of $11.45 on every 50 lbs of pinto beans you eat


Pasta usually is purchased from a grocer in plastic bags or cardboard boxes. The boxes are marked with a “Best if Used By” date and can last for up to three years in it’s original package.  A dried bay laurel leaf added to pasta, grains or flour will keep the critters away.

Pasta Example

Anthony’s Short (Salad) Macaroni, 16 oz …  1 lb. Bag  = $1.48  50lbs = $74

First Street Pasta Salad Macaroni … 10lb Bag = $9.59 .. 50 lbs = $47.95

Saving of $26.05 on every 50 lbs of pasta you eat

Total Savings

Rice Savings           $41.15

Bean Saving            $15.71

Pasta Saving           $26.05

   Total Saving         $82.91

How to boost your flu immunity …. CLICK HERE

We are over 70 years of age. We use Green Tea and Elderberry Syrup to boost our immunity against the cold and flu.  We use four cups of green tea with one tablespoon of Elderberry Syrup every day during the flu season of 150 days or five months.

Uncle Lee’s Tea Organic Green Tea bags … 200. Bags  = $38.48 … 600 bags= $115.44 … 600 Bags include shipping  = $41.62

We save $73.82 on every 600 bags of green tea we store and drink. 

If you make the Elderberry Syrup yourself, it costs $10/pint.  One pint, using four tablespoons/day will last one month.   

Five months        @ $10/pint = $50

Six hundred green tea bags = $41.62

          Cold & Flu Prevention = $91.62

Meats, fruits, and vegetables are stored by steam and pressure canning


Everything in the Long-Term Storage Buckets (LT Bucket) is protected for at least 20 years, but Sleeves are removed from the LT Bucket and placed in the Oxygen Free Bucket to be used daily routine as needed.

There is a cost of to get set up and an investment in food, but the food is continuously used, so there is no cost for the food.

White rice30+
Pinto beans30 
Rolled oats30
Potato flakes30
Apple slices30
Non-fat powdered milk20
Dehydrated carrots20

Long-term emergency food storage is no longer exclusive to Coronavirus; everyone should do it and have emergency food and water stock.

We don’t need to go through a Coronavirus to need this type of preparations. The food could be used in the predicted earthquake and tsunami.

No electric, sewers or hospital for 18-24 month ….. click here

It doesn’t have to be expensive, do this in increments from your local grocery store or buy things from time to time to build your food stock up.

For more information

Office Staff Available …. noon – 9 pm … Everyday … 541-765-2109 


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