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Oxygen Free Bucket- Don’t just store it – Preserve it!

Air is the Enemy……….


With the Air Free Lid Bucket system you can have long-term food storage and instant access without having to redo the buckets.

Air is Out…. Fresh is In!…..

Air is the enemy!  When exposed to oxygen, food items generally start to break down by a process known as oxidation — leaving your brown sugar hard, your coffee bitter and your flour stale.  Traditional “airtight” canisters do nothing more than seal the oxygen inside with your contents, allowing continual oxidation.

With our lid, gasket, and handle-valve system, it removes the air from the bucket as you push the lid down to the level of the stored food.


How it Works?

There are a LOT of 5-gallon and 6-gallon buckets in the world!

Air Free Lid Buckets can be used:

  • In the kitchen
  • For pet food storage
  • In the barn for livestock feed
  • In the garage or basement for long-term food storage
  • Keep paint from drying out

Most food storage containers don’t just store food, but they store AIR with the food, which slowly eats away at the food’s freshness.


Use the Air Free Lid for the bucket inner lid, the air is forced out of any 5 or 6-gallon bucket so you can properly store whatever you have inside regardless of how full it is.

The inner lid descends to the contents. It is always forcing the maximum amount of air out, keeping food fresher much longer..

What to Store?

Whatever you want to keep fresh!

An Air Free Lid Bucket is great for preserving bulk coffee, flour, rice, legumes, pet food, chicken feed and much, much more.


You can purchase grains in 50-pound paper sacks and then pack into your own buckets. Literally tons of food is thrown away because they were left in sacks where they became susceptible to moisture, insects, and rodents. Keeping your food storage safe and edible is just as important as acquiring it.

BY packing your own beans, wheat, rice, oats or other grains and food products you can save money and it will be available in an emergency.



It is necessary to use food storage containers that are made specifically for food.  They must be made of HDPE plastic.  HDPE and has the number “2” on the bottom of the bucket.






For instance, the buckets from the big box stores are not designed for food products.

Air Free Lid Bucket vs Gamma Lid Bucket

gamma-seal-lid-grainGamma Lids are the traditional airtight canister with a re-sealable, screw top lid.

They are easy to open and close without breaking fingernails or pinching fingers!

The Gamma Seal Lid permanently transforms any 12″ diameter bucket into an airtight/leak proof storage container.

They don’t help preserve what’s inside. The air is trapped in with the contents, slowly eating away the freshness. Every time you open the lid, you introduce new air into the bucket.

The Air Free Lid Bucket forces the air out, so you can access whatever you have inside as many times as you want and the freshness of the stored food will still be preserved.

The inner lid descends forcing the maximum amount of air out, keeping food much fresher much longer.

Oxygen Absorbers

Gamma Buckets MUST have oxygen absorbers to get the last little bit of oxygen out.

Oxygen Absorbers are packaged in vacuum in a pack of 10-100 depending on the size of absorber. Once the pack is opened the absorbers immediately start to absorber oxygen.

You can actually store your Oxygen Absorbers in the Tsunami Bucket until ready to use.

A five (5) gal bucket with a Gamma Lid will need to use 2000cc of Oxygen Absorber.

If you want 2000cc it does not matter if you use four 500cc, two 1000cc or one 2000cc absorber. There is no advantage or disadvantage to using one absorber or ten, as long as they add up to the cc’s you are looking for.

The way to tell if absorbers will still absorb oxygen is by touch. An oxygen absorber that is still fresh will feel like it is filled with soft powder.

Absorbers that are used up become brittle inside and feel more like they are filled with coarse sand. Leave one out for a day, then handle it, and you will notice the difference.

To order

Each Lid is $20 plus S and H charge.  FOB Lincoln City, Oregon

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For More Info……….541-765-2109


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