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DIY Sustainable AirCrete Foam Machine

Domegaia makes and sells the Little Dragon foam machine. It uses an expensive, high-pressure, self-priming, Aquatec pump, a pressure regulator and a solenoid valve, with a dial indicator. It fits conveniently on top of a standard 5-gallon bucket and is very simple to operate. The Little Dragon foam machine is attached to an air compressor.

foamBy eliminating the expensive pump and a few other parts, it is possible to reduce the cost of the foam machine.

The Sustainable Center of Oregon has designed, built and sells an AirCrete Foam Machine for 70% less than the Little Dragon.

The DIY Sustainable AirCrete Form Machine splits the air from the air compressor

  • Into the foam wand
  • Into a barrel to hold the foaming agent and can be pressurized.

Price of List, Kit or Assemble foam machine

  • The Parts List, where to purchase the part on eBay, and a how to do it video = $9.95
  • DIY Kits and How to assemble the parts … no barrel = $99.95
  • Fifteen (15) gallon foam mixing barrel. = $19.95
  • Complete assembled foam machine with 15-gallon barrel = $$150







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