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Fresh Eggs without the Hassle and Commitment of Chickens

Rent’n Chick for a few hundred bucks, you can get your very own coop, chickens and plenty of fresh eggs for months.

Every Spring, thousands of chickens are sold at local farm supply stores.  Often these chickens die before they are ready to start laying eggs in 16-30 weeks.

  • chicken and toby time _350Children quickly realize that chickens are not as fun as the Xbox
  • Parents find out that chickens cannot be house broken!
  • The costs quickly start becoming more and more
  • They worry about regulations
  • Do you build or buy a coop?
  • Do you buy peeps?
  • Did someone tell you about a heat lamp?

It can all be overwhelming and we take the guesswork out of all of the questions by offering a Rent to Own Chickens Sanctuary, the food & supplies, and even the egg laying hens!

Our Chicken Sanctuary Rental System solves the following problems:

  • No commitment to keep the chicken longer than 4 months. May give up chickens anytime sooner.
  • Never clean the chicken Dome\Cube coop – if one person moves the Dome weekly
  • Healthiest eggs by providing the chicken a Free Range Diet – if one person moves the Dome weekly
  • Day time protection from Chicken Hawks, Eagles, and the neighbor’s dog
  • No waste or no rodent problems with our special feeders
  • Do not have to feed chickens everyday with our large capacity (100 lbs) and rain proof feeder
  • Automatic chicken watering system – from our rain harvesting system
  • No having to open the chicken door in the mornings
  • Likewise, no closing the chicken door at night
  • Night time protection from raccoons, coyotes, weasels and other predators
  • Design the chicken roosting area (cube) to look like a Favorite Barn, Rubik’s Cube, Chicken Hotel etc.

Within two days of the arrival, your chickens will lay eggs ready to use!

Your chickens should lay 8-14 eggs per week.

According to Mother Earth News. (Oct – Nov 2007 issue) Six eggs from each of 14 flocks that had access to a free range natural diet—made up of all kinds of seeds, green plants, insects and worms, were tested by an accredited laboratory in Portland, Ore. The results showed that when compared to official U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) nutrient data for commercial eggs the average nutrient content of the samples currently sold in supermarkets are nutritionally inferior to eggs produced by hens raised on a  free range natural diet.

(USDA) nutrient data for eggs from hens raised on a free range natural diet contain:

  • 1/3 less cholesterol
  • 1/4 less saturated fat
  • 2/3 more vitamin A
  • 2 times more omega-3 fatty acids
  • 3 times more vitamin E
  • 7 times more beta carotene

How does it work? 

We schedule a date to bring to your home a Rent to Own Chickies Sanctuary Package. Towards the end of the Rental Period, if you realize that you were born to raise backyard chickens, you can purchase the chickens less 1/2 of your rental fees.

Otherwise, we will schedule a date towards the end of your Rental Period to stop by and pick up the Chickens Sanctuary Package.

The Chicken Sanctuary Package consist of seven parts:

  1. Chicken Dome
  2. Chicken Cube
  3. Chicken Trangle
  4. No Waste Chicken Feeder –hold up to 100 lbs &  can feed chickens for 4 weeks
  5. Roll a Way Nest Box
  6. Rodent Proof 30-Gallon Storage Barrel
  7. Rain Harvesting Watering  System – It can water chickens for 7 days
  8. Chicken Feed – 50 lbs.
  9. 800 Chicken Hot Line Number

Extra Cost Options:

Automatic Opener and Closer for Chicken Cube Door

  • 110 volts
  • Solar

The Chicken Run Area

The Dome is the Chicken’s run area.  It is where the chicken’s find their free range natural diet of all kinds of seeds, green plants, insects and worms.  It is 74 square feet of space for the chickens to have a Free Range Diet.

Free Range Diet

downloadThe Chicken Sanctuary offer all the advantages of free range natural diet with protection from predators.  That diet is what makes the yolk of the eggs dark yellow.  The Dome is move to new place every week, which gives the chickens the benefits of a Free Range Natural Diet.   

The Dome

new_chickensIt is 9.5 feet wide and 5 feet high with 71 square feet of run and free range natural diet area.   The dome is light and can be moved comfortably by one person because is made out of pvc pipe and covered with deer netting.  It can house up to six (6) chickens.

The Dome is composed of long, curving struts which crisscross and are anchored to a base.  The Dome with its deer netting covering is not meant to protect the chickens from night time predators: like raccoons, coyotes or weasels, but from chicken hawks, eagles or the neighbor’s dog.  At night the chickens roost in the Cube, with its solid plastic walls, it protects the chickens from night time predators

Moving the Dome

By moving the Dome, the chicken run area never has to be cleaned  and the chickens have a Free Range Diet.   The chicken poop just fertilizer the ground under the Dome.

The Cube

cubeThe Cube contains all the feeding, watering, roosting, and egg laying systems.

It is a 4’ X 4’ X 4’ solid plastic walled cube.  The plastic bottom floor is replaced with a wire floor. This is in order that the chickens waste will fall on the ground instead the cube’s floor.

There is a bucket inserted sidewise into the Cube with a black rain proof screw off lid filled with shaving.

The cube has a opening in the top for ventilation.

The Cube can be dressed up to look like  Barn2_cube

Or a rubik’s cube


The Chicken Feeder

1_RodentA No Waste Chicken Feeder is placed outside at end of the Cube.  It is elevated to a comfortable height for the chickens to eat.  This feeder completely eliminates mess, waste,  and provide clean and poop free feed for the chickens.

It can hold up to a 100lbs of Chicken Feed and it is rain proof and rodent proof.

As the Dome and Cube are moved,the Feeder can be moved by sliding it on its rails.


How old can Chickens get?  How long do they lay eggs?

Chickens can grow to be 10 years old, but chickens have their highest egg production during the first three years of their life.  After that the number of eggs laid per week will drop.

Can I free range my Rent to Own Chickens?

We recommend supervision of free range time so that you deter predators. The Dome allows the hens to have the benefits of free ranging.  If you take the chickens out of the Dome and there is death of a chicken, you are liability.

If free range will the hens run away?

Most hens will stay within 50 ft. of the Dome at all times even if you don’t have a fence. Very rarely will they wander and when they do they always come back to the coop.

What if my Rent to Own Chickies dies? 

Chickens get ill or predators have a chicken for lunch.  We will replace chickens free of charge as long as the death of the Rent to Own Chickies is win the Dome or the Cube and was not due to neglect.

What happens if I go on vacation?

Our Sanctuary have an indoor part (Cube) and an outdoor part (Dome) which allow the hens to peck at grass, eat bugs, enjoy sunbathes and get fresh air all while being completely protected from predators. With two (2) hens, our feeder if completely full of feed it will lasts 30 days and our waterer 7-10 days.

The other chores include cleaning the bedding once a week as well as moving the Dome once a week. You can go away for a weekend without worrying about the hens and the eggs will be there when you get back. If you are gone for more than a weekend you can have your neighbor check on the hens.

 How do I get them in the Cube at night?

They enjoy scratching around and eating grass and bugs in the Dome.  As darkness starts to set in, they will return one by one to Cube.

Do you really give me enough feed for the entire rental period? 

We only supply enough feed and nesting material for the first week.  We provide information of what type of feed and nesting material for you purchase at your local feed store.

What type of chicken feed should I use?

Use egg layer feed. It is a very healthy choice to feed egg laying hens as it provides all the vitamins and nutrients necessary for healthy hens and great eggs.

Do chickens have teeth?

Chicks have a tooth, but only when they are hatching. A few days later the tooth falls out. So the answer is no, chickens do not have teeth, they swallow their food whole. To grind their food, the chicken has an organ called a gizzard, which is located between the chicken’s stomach and intestine.

Do hens make much noise? 

Your hens will make some noise but will not crow like roosters.

Do chickens fly?

They won’t soar through the air gracefully floating on the breeze but they can fly short distances.

Do chickens smell?

As long as you change their bedding once a week and move the Dome every 7 days you won’t smell a thing. We use shavings for their bedding which soak up the moisture and covers up any would be smell.

What happens if a chicken gets sick?

Should a chicken become sick while in your care simply give us a call.  We provide full support.

How old are the Rent to Own Chickies?

We provide chickens that are normally between six months and two years old.

How many eggs per week will the Rent to Own Chickies lay? 

You can expect a total of 8-14 eggs per week from the of chickens.   You can have more eggs by adding more chickens.  The Chicken Sanctuary will support up to 8 chickens.

Are growth hormones used?

Our Chicken are raised without growth hormones.

 During the day can dogs, cats, hawks and owls hurt the chickens?

That is the purpose of the deer netting on the Dome, to protect the chickens from dogs, cats, hawks and owls during the day when they are out. At night they are secure in the Cube.

What about raccoons, coyotes, weasels and other predators?

At night the chicken will be roosting in the Cube. That is the purpose of the Cube. Our Cubes to protect against predators at night.  If a predator gets into Cube and kills a chicken, we will replace the lost chickens.

 Do I need to have a rooster?

A rooster is only required if you want fertilized eggs which become chicks.

Should I wash the eggs? 

Eggs should only be washed just before cooking.  The eggs have a natural protective coating on the eggs to keep them fresh.  Eggs can last for days without refrigeration as long as you don’t wash them.

How can I check to see if the eggs are good before I crack them open? 

Use the water test.  Fill a container with water and place the egg in it.  If the egg sinks, it’s a good egg.  If it floats all the way to the top it’s a spoiled egg.

What are the benefits of raising chicken?

Chickens have amazing personalities. They will come when called, let you pick them up, let you rock them to sleep on your lap and will follow you around the backyard while you’re gardening. They are also natural composters! They will eat all of your unwanted table scraps and will turn them into delicious and nutritious eggs. They’re great at pest control as the hens actively seek out spiders, bees, beetles, stinkbugs and even ticks!

The Rent to Own Option

One half of your paid rent can be applied toward the purchase of the Chicken Sanctuary.  The purchase price is $675

How long is the rental period? 

The Rental Period is 4 months for $400, but can be extended in two (2) months increments for $180/increment.

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