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Crab Trapper Traps are for sale in Newport for Free Pick Up …Every day … 8 am – Dark

Oregon Crab License $10/year. Entitled to have three (3) Crab Traps in their possession. 

$35 for Three (3) Crab Trapper Tra

Customer Service noon -10 PM


Shipping Cost to be quoted extra

Must Prepay with …. Credit Card, or Debit Card

  • Makes a 12 iX 12-inch square when spring opens with a chicken spike
  • .Use fresh Dark Meat Chicken. Crabs eat one piece of chicken per hour per trap.

This couple caught 12 Crab one day and another 12 Crab the next day with the Crab Trapper

We post the results of the day-to-day Crabbing when we are informed. We only posted the date, the first name only, the city, # caught, and where caught on our private Facebook page. Join us and post your results or post them in the comments below. . CLICK HERE. …….. to Join, post, or see the current Newport Crabbing activity.

CLICK HERE for a map of where to crab in Newport

Videos of Crabbing in Newport Bay

Eclipse Crabbing in Yaquina Bay… with Bill Lackner…

Crabbing in Yaquina Bay 1 with Bill Lackner

Crabbing in Yaquina 2 with Bill Lackner Crabbing is Hot in Yaquina Bay with Bill Lackner

Crabbing in Yaquina Bay 3Crabbing in Yaquina Bay on 09/2017 with my son Scott.

Crabbing at Yaquina Bay with my son, Scott


CLICK HERE to see information on Crabbing in all of Oregon Bays.

  • All the information necessary to take Dungeness and red rock crabs from Oregon’s Coastal Waters.
  • Evaluates the methods used to take Dungeness and red rock crabs.
  • Updated maps of Oregon’s Bays that disclose the areas of Oregon’s Bays where crabs are commonly caught.
  • Click HERE to order the new 116-page color edition of Oregon’s Crabs for $22.00 plus the $3.40 shipping and fee the Post Office charges for mailing.

Crab Traps Daily Rentals and Clean & Cooking Crab are only done in Lincoln City… Call 541-765-2109 for Details.

For $2.50/crab, we cook Crabs regardless of where you caught them, with your traps, our rental traps, or traps we sell.


CLICK HERE for more Details

Make an Oregon Memory … with your caught crabs and visit the sea lions at Gleneden Beach State Park.

Directions …At milepost 122 on Hay 101 (south of the Salishan Resort), there is a little-known gem of a state park.

You can pick up the rest of your picnic at Chester’s Market @ 3950 N Hwy 101, about 3 miles south of Gleneden Beach State Park……….. CLICK HERE for Details


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