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Crab Mini Max Family

There are five (5) members of the Crab Mini Family. All start with the basic CrabEagle with additional features

  1. CrabEagle
  2. CrabEagle with Talons (Crab Snares)
  3. CrabEagle with Bait Bag
  4. CrabEagle with Crab Attractant
  5. CrabEagle loaded with all features

The Crab Eagle

The Crab Eagle looks exactly like the Crab Max, only smaller. It is designed to Surf Crabbing with a fishing pole. A Crab Max’s axle (the white part in the picture) is 24 inches, whereas the CrabEagle’s is 16 inches.

Crab Max As shown in the picture, the Crab netting area is a square 17 X 17 = 289 inches

The picture shows the CrabEagle is round, which gives you more crab catching area than a Triangle or Rectangle crab trap with the same length axle axle.

An 9 inch circle Eagle Crab netting area is 9 X 9 X 3.1417 is = 254.57 inches.

A triangle crab trap with a 16 inch axle crab makes a square with the crab catching area = 13 X 13 = 183.25 inches

A rectangle crab trap with a 16-inch axle would make a rectangle crab trap 9 X 13.22 with the crab =118.98 inches.


Bottom Line … The CrabEngle has more Crab Catching area with less weight means longer casting distance

With the CrabEagle, you can cast out farther.  It is common to cast out over 100 feet!  Also, you can cover areas along the shoreline better than with other crabbing traps.  Crab fishing with the CrabEagle works well you watch for the action on your rod tip to let you know something’s in your CrabEagle.

Just place a chicken drumstick on the chicken Spike.  If the crab is around, you will catch them in no time.  Three (3) CrabEagles Traps can be stored in a six-gal bucket with a lid

  • The CrabEagle family is made of 316 marine stainless steel frames and axel covered with nylon netting. It has a 500-pound test harness with a heavy-duty swivel of 227 lbs breaking strength … Less Lost Traps
  • What type of rod/reel/line … Use a medium to heavy action rod or fishing pole with a stiff backbone and a sensitive tip. – The reel should be large enough to sit onto the rod comfortably and suitable for saltwater use. It should be a heavy-duty reel, as the weight when retrieving the CrabEagle full of crab can be rather heavy (we recommend a Quantum XR70 or better, Diawa 4500-5000 series, the Shakespeare Tidewater,). – We recommend using 100-pound test (minimum) or greater, braided line (Power Pro is awesome). This line is much better than monofilament because it has no memory and doesn’t stretch. Also, when monofilament is scratched or nicked, it tends to break quickly, where braided line does not
  • Hand-Line If you do not want to purchase a rod /reel/line a Hand=Line of 100 ft in available

Crab Eagke without hand-Line or Shipping

CrabEangle is round. A 9 inch circle Eagle Crab netting area is 9 X 9 X 3.1 is = 254 inches.


Coming soon ….Crab MiniMax … is a Crab Eagle with bigger wings.

The wings are Crab Snares. Up to four of them add anther 68 inches of crab catch area

As shown in the picture, a mini Crab netting area is 9 X 9 X 3.1 is only = 254 inches. But with the four (4) Crab Snares attached to the edge of the Mini increase the Crab catch capacity area by 68 inches .or 41 more crab catching area than the crab nax.

The Crab Snares are outside the trap, as shown in the picture under the Prevent Teenage Drug Use, a non-profit drug teen prevention we support.

Crab MiniMax with Snares – NO AVAILABLE YET

Crab MiniMax with four (4) Crab Snares with no hand-Line, and does not including shipping


COMING SOON ….. Bait and Smell Bag

  • The vertical Chicken Spike design makes putting the bait in the trap easier. 
  • If you put the sponge with Crab Attractant in the freezer the night before crabbing and then in the Smell Bag before crabbing, More Crabs will come quicker.
  • Large Bait Bag for up to one (1) chicken drumstick. The crabs will stay around longer because it is harder to get the bait than the chicken spike.

Smell Bag Bag .. The trap lures crabs with the smell of the bait, and after 5-6 minutes the Trap are pulled in, and there are more Crabs caught than regular traps.

According to the experts, Crab finds food and appeals to their sense of smell.  Crabs rely on their sense of smell to find prey. Crabs have chemoreceptors that allow them to detect chemicals in the water that are released by their prey. These chemoreceptors are located on a crab’s antennae. These are long, segmented appendages near the Crab’s eyes that have both chemoreceptors and allow them to feel its surroundings.

Crab Attractant is an oil.  The oil is quite attractive to crabs. It also contains unique amino acids that give it unparalleled versatility in going after all kinds of other species.  It is a commercial product you can buy, but it’s made of natural ingredients like anise oil, fish oil, amino acids, and salmon egg juice. Soak the provided sponge with this add-on oil for about three hours before using it. We use ProCure as Crab


Crab MiniMax with four (4) Snares ,Bait Bag, and Smell Bag — NO AVAILABLE YET

Crab MiniMax with four (4) Snares ,Bait Bag, and Smell Bag with no Hand-Line and does not including shipping



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