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Decrease your Food Bill by 75%-78% by eating a Keto Life Style.

Money Saving Keto Life Style Support Group meets on Tuesdays 2 – 3 pm in Depoe Bay

Join Us ….. If interested in joining our free support group, contact Carl or Coralee Palmer at or call 541-765-2109.

Eat Crab Louie with no decrease in Calories and save money.

  • Crab can be expensive unless you are fortunate enough to be an Oregon resident and can get to the coast.
  • You can harvest 15lbs PER DAY (12) Dungeness Crab for $10/per year
  • Out of state is $28/3days
  • Twelves Crab will provide fifteen (15) pounds of Crab meat

What do McDonald’s, Burger King, and Subway have in Common?

  • Price = $2.96 … See math below …… Crab Louie for One person = calories 1043
  • Price = $8.49 … Saving $6 .45 (75%) …….McDonald’s Big Max + large fries = calories 733
  • Price = $9.18 … Saving $7.14 (77%) ….. Burger King Whopper + large fries = calories 1088
  • Price = $9.32 … Saving =$7,28 (78%)..Subway 12-inch cold combo +Chips = calories 836

These Fast Foods have high Carbs and Low Fat. Eating this food will cause weight gain, increase your chance of type 2 diabetes and increase your blood pressure.

One of their meals costs 75- 78% more than eating Crab Louie (if you can catch the Crab yourself.) You can feed a family of four (4) for what it costs to provide one meal at McDonald’s, Burger King, or Subway.

They have nearly the same number of calories, but with the carbs low and the fat high, The Keto lifestyle will cause weight LOSS, your chance of type 2 diabetes DECREASE, and blood pressure DECREASE.

You will not be hungry.

I know because I have LOST more than 100 lbs

DECREASED my blood pressure by 20 points.

REDUCED my A1C to 5.3.

Is it easy to catch Crab? Yes,

If you know where to go and how to do it.

Let us help you.

My Grandkids caught 20 Crabs in 8 hours and had never been Crabbing before.

We post the results of the day-to-day Crabbing when we are informed. We only posted the date, the first name only, city, # caught, and where caught on our private Facebook page. Join us and post your results or post them in the comments below. . CLICK HERE. …….. to Join, post, or see the current Crabbing activity.

COST ANALYSIS, You can feed a family of 4 for the price of one sandwich & Large fries at McDonald’s, Burger King, or Subway for nearly the same price.

Prices as of August 15, 2022

  • $8.49 … McDonald’s Big Mac + large fries
  • $9.18 … Burger King whopper + large fries
  • $9.32 … Subway 12-inch cold cut comb +Chips

Prices are based on prices at on-line Walmart on August 15, 2022

  • $0.00 Two Dungeness Crabs @ $0 cost because you own the Traps and have a shellfish License
  • $0.49 Four (4) eggs @ Walmart Large White Eggs 1.45/dozen
  • $1.16 Four (4) Roma tomatoes @ Walmart Roma $29/each or $
  • $1.65 Butter Lettuce Mix Greens 1/2 package @Walmart $2.73/6oz bag
  • $1.62 Iceberg Lettuce $@ Walmart Head Iceberg lettuce
  • $0.88 Avocado @ Walmart Haas Avocado
  • $0.63 @ Walmart Lemon for wedges
  • $3.78 Heinz No sugar Ketchup 12oz @ Walmart Great Value Ketchup 13 oz @ $3.78
  • $1.48 Mayonnaise @ Walmart Great Value Mayonnaise 30 oz @ $2.80
  • $0.15 Sweet Relish @ Walmart Great Value Sweet Relish 12 oz @ $1.14
  • $11,84 Total for a family of 4 people or $2.96per person

To see ALL the videos of ALL the Oregon Crabbing Bays …. CLICK HERE

  • All the information necessary to take Dungeness and red rock crabs from Oregon’s Coastal Waters.
  • The new edition includes the crabs of interest to recreational crabbers. In addition, it stimulates the interest of young crabbers in the complexity and diversity of the crabs common to the Pacific Northwest.
  • Evaluates the methods used to take Dungeness and red rock crabs.
  • Updated maps of Oregon’s Bays that disclose the areas of Oregon’s Bays where crabs are commonly caught.

  • Recover a higher percentage of crab mea\t per crab using the same method used by professional Crab Shakers.
  • Family Crab Louis recipes that your family will love. Our recipes emphasize using cooking methods that enhance the naturally sweet flavor of crab meat to its full potential.

  • Updated maps of Oregon’s Bays that disclose the areas of Oregon’s Bays where crabs are commonly caught.
  • Click HERE to order the new 116-page color edition of Oregon’s Crabs for $22.00 plus the $3.40 shipping and fee the Post Office charges for mailing.


  • Crab meat from 2 Dungeness crabs (1-1/2 lbs Crab Meat)
  • Ice Berg Lettuce 1/2 large head or one whole medium head
  • Mixed Salad Greens 1/2 package
  • Eggs 4 hard-cooked, quartered
  • Medium Tomatoes 4 quartered
  • Avocado 1 julienne sliced into segments.
  • Lemon wedges quartered

Crab Louie Preparation:

Shred the Ice Berg lettuce into bite-sized pieces using your hands. Mix the shredded lettuce with 1/2 half package of mixed salad greens.  Lay the salad plates/bowls with the salad greens with 6 ounces of crab meat. Garnish with the tomatoes, eggs, sliced lemon wedges, and any optional ingredients.  Apply dressing to taste.


  1. Mayonnaise 2 cups
  2. Heinz No Sugar Catsup 2/3 cup
  3. Hamburger relish three tablespoons
  4. Worcestershire 1 tablespoon
  5. Lemon Juice 1/2 lemon


  • Flavored hamburger relish 1 tablespoon
  • One (1) minced Chipotle chili pepper from a can of Embasa Chipotle chili peppers.
  • Fresh Ginger Root 1 plus tablespoon finely chopped

Dressing Preparation

Oregon’s Crab Louie dressing combines mayonnaise catsup, hamburger relish, and lemon juice mixed thoroughly to taste. Add the optional ingredients to enhance the flavor of the Louie Dressing.  Add 1 tablespoon of Chipotle flavored hamburger relish or fresh minced ginger to compliment and enhance the flavors of the crab meat and other ingredients.  If the Chipotle flavored hamburger relish is unavailable, add 1 minced Chipotle chili pepper to the three tablespoons of hamburger relish. Do not allow the flavor of the chipotle or ginger to overpower the dressing by using too much.

WEIGHT LOSS ANALYSIS … the lower the Nets Carbs, the faster the weight loss.

The Metabolic Ketosis State

When you eat far fewer carbs, your body begins to burn fat for fuel. This can put your body into a metabolic state called ketosis. In this state, your liver turns fat into small energy molecules called ketones, which your brain and other organs can use for energy. Eating a keto diet lowers insulin levels, often dramatically, which can help you access your body fat stores for energy.

Crab Louie prepared with sugar free ketchup

Adherence to a low-carb eating regimen limits your intake of net carbs to about 20 carbs a day or less. Net carbs are the total number of carbs in food, minus carbs that your body won’t absorb. These are Dietary Fiber and Sugars alcohols.

Ratio for a family of four Crab Louis with Dressing

  • Carb = 16/4 people = 4/person
  • Protein = 96/4 people = 24/person
  • Fat = 357/4 people = 89/person

All Values are computed from the Cronometer app. CLICK HERE for a free copy of the app.

Crab Louie by preparing with homemade Keto Ketchup the Carbs can be reduced to 12 Carbs.


Sustainable Living Center not only rents and sells Crab traps, but is interested in losing weight, how to improve, and having a sustainable food supply.

Four (4) food areas of interest in making a Crab Louie are:

Our Research


OREGON’S Domonic Acid and PSP Warning

The book Oregon’s Crabs was the first publication in the NW to stress the importance of backing and cleaning crabs as soon as possible to minimize exposure to contamination of the body meat by the marine toxin Domoic Acid or PSP.

We do not recommend the consumption of crabs taken from water with an active outbreak of Domoic Acid or PSPThe consumption of contaminated crab may result in the loss of your short-term memory or Death. Check the Shellfish Hotline for active areas contaminated with Domoic Acid or PSP before harvesting marine species from those areas… We also recommend against purchasing cooked half Crab Clusters because they may be the harvest result of marketing Dungeness crabs contaminated with Domoic Acid.

New Smell Bait Bag coming soon

Crabs don’t smell through organ-like noses but use microscopic “smelling” organisms.  Therefore, anything that has a strong smell can attract a whole host of these creatures. They will go after anything that comes into their path.  Furthermore, crabs will use their claws to dig or scratch up food from the seafloor’s bottom.  

Crabs rely on their sense of smell to find prey. Crabs have chemoreceptors that allow them to detect chemicals in the water released by their prey. These chemoreceptors are located on a crab’s antennae. These are long, segmented appendages near the Crab’s eyes that have both chemoreceptors, allowing them to feel their surroundings.

Crabs also have antennules, shorter antenna-like appendages near the antennas that allow them to sense their environment. A crab can “taste” using hairs on its mouthparts, pincers, and even its feet.  Long story short? The stinkier the bait, the better.

Fresh Is Best

It sounds counterintuitive that creatures that love stinky bait prefer fresh food. However, it’s true.   While smelly bait is a good thing, rancid bait is not. Make sure you’re using bait less than a couple of days old. The fresher, the better.  However, know that other types of animals might be enticed by the kind of bait you are using, too! This can include animals like sea lions and seals.


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