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Weight-Lost Dinners

Is it possible to have it all—having the cake and eating it, too, literally? To have it, you will have to change the way you cook, and it is entirely possible to remake virtually any comfort meal or dessert into weight-loss dishes.

From the swap of a sweetener to alternating and using grain-free flours or becoming stealthy about identifying hidden sugars in store-bought foods, there are many ways to eat your favorite meals while still losing weight.

The secret is to eat fewer calories than your body needs. For example:

One pound of body fat is equal to 3500 energy calories: therefore, if you eat 500 less calories per month you will loss one pound per week.


Click Here of the video to understand why

The body has an insulin hormone that determines if the calories will be used for energy or stored as fat.

For example, if you would take a insulin shot and only eat 200 calories. you will gain weight because you would have a insulin spike..

Click Here on this video is you want to understand why the insulin hormone determine if the calories are going to be used as energy or stored as fat.

This was our lost weight Thanksgiving dinner

Click Here to see food to eat and lose weight


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