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Build a SunDome Greenhouse

It is made of grey plastic 1/2“ PVC conduit and covered with Plastic Marine Shrink Wrap.  Since it is made of plastic, it is light enough for one person to move it around. The dome is to protect your plants from frost.

There are good logical reasons for with a dome using rather than a square shape. A dome requires less material for the same amount of floor space.   For example, a nine and a half (9.5) foot dome floor space is 70 square feet, nearly the same square footage as a 9 X 8 square greenhouse.

Hanging Planters

Inside the Dome is the Hanging Garden Planters.  The wooden Planters are replaced by white plastic barrels. The Hanging Planters is explicitly designed for urban gardeners, allowing a limited space to grow more fresh herbs and vegetables. Constructed from recycled three (3) 15-gallon barrels and easily assembled using only a hammer provides more time to garden. The self-wicking liners help to keep the rich soil in the garden bed. Built-in drip holes allow water to flow through and to the next lower planter to prevent root rot. The deep troth design is also ideal for deep-rooted plants such as tomatoes, peppers, and even carrots. You can even garden while sitting in your favorite chair.

  • Made from recycled plastic
  • Assembly takes approximately 30 minutes
  • Each of the 3 Hanging Planters are 32” W x 11” D x 8” H

Total floor space dimensions: 38” W x 34” D x 37” H  


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