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Slugs Be Gone with Slug Zapper

Are you a frustrated gardener who really wants to have a garden but does not have time to trap slugs and does not want to use chemicals?


The biggest problem for a lot of gardeners is the shortage of time and energy for gardeners to stop slugs.




the demonstration will show how to have a garden without slugs or chemicals.



You will discover how to:

  • Have a garden that will be 99.9% free of slugs
  • Have no seedlings chewed off at the base
  • Have more beer and salt available for humans
  • Not have to touch or destroy the slugs
  • Not use slug chemicals in your garden

And best of all, you will start seeing results in first night after the electric slug fence is installed and the only cost is a new 9 volt battery every year.

What will you tolerate?
What will you tolerate?

If you’re a frustrated gardener come to the free demonstration on see how to have a garden without slugs or chemicals by using an electric slug fence.   Let Sustainable Living Center show you how to have a garden that will be 99.9% free of slugs.

Click Here to see the Electric Slug Fence in action

You will see a 200 Gallon, 50 inch Diameter, No Dig, Air Pruning, No Slug Electric Fence Raised Fabric Bed  at the Sustainable Living Center located at 6349 South Highway 101 in Taft area of Lincoln City.


The Center is just south and next to ProBuilders on the same side of the Hwy 101 and right across the highway from Street Car Village. On Sunday, since ProBuilders is closed, please park in their parking lot and walk south to the Center.

Click Here for more details on the raised fabric bed  or call 541-996-3671

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