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Prevent your Chickens from Picking each Other with our Chicken Toys.

Chickens are terrific pets. One of the many reasons they are so much fun is the fact that they are curious creatures. Unfortunately, when chickens get bored, they tend to pick on each other. It’s important to keep them busy.

We have three Chicken Toys that can prevent picking

Scratch Ball

1_chark_ballIt is a clear plastic ball, filled with scratch chicken feed.   It keeps chickens out of trouble and of course for our enjoyment watching their antics as they peck the Scratch Ball.  As they peck at the ball, the scratch fall out for the chickens.  With the Scratch Ball the chickens entertain themselves until the all the scratch is gone..






Fodder Ball

1_fodderThe Fodder in our Ball is just sprouted wheat seeds.  It can be any grain seed.   Incorporating fodder into poultry diets will result in these benefits:

  • Reduce your feed cost by a factor of five (5)
  • Better quality eggs with deeper yolk color
  • Reduced sticky droppings
  • Higher quality meat with better texture
  • Improved health and energy levels

This Fodder Ball offers a fun and healthy way to treat your pet chickens

We recommend you position it far enough above your hens’ heads that they must “work” for it. The small bell at the bottom of the ball chimes lightly as your chicken’s snack on the delectable treats. The clip is compatible with virtually any cage.

 Chicken Swing

3_swing_susThink it is just a glorified roosting pole?  It has a small feeding area on the front of the swing to entice the chickens to try it.  If you have chickens or other cooped up fowl, The Chicken Swing is a must have!

This is not just a hanging perch, it is an actual activity that will reduce coop boredom and bring smiles to the people that care for them.

Made from safe, quality parts that are made to last. Chicks to peafowl will enjoy something besides pecking!



Chicken Toys will be demonstrated with Chickens at:

  • Winter Poultry & Homestead Faire
  • Lane County Event Center, Hall 1 & 3
  • Hours 10 am –  4 pm
  • February 11, 2017 in Eugene, Oregon

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