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Catch Keto Retreat

Catch, Cook, Can and Eat — the freshest and best Keto foods

Click Here for Video if you do not believe Seafood is the best Keto Food

Learn how to prepare them the Keto way

Then Eat them

* If you choose or cannot catch them, we will supply of them.

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Says it All

Catch the fresh and best Keto foods: Crabs, Clams, Tuna, and Salmon. Then you learn how to prepare them the Keto way and then you eat them. If you choose or cannot catch them, we will be supplying them.

This is a hands-on retreat WHERE the participants WILL PREPARE their BRUNCH AND DINNER, so be prepared to cook.

With a Keto Lifestyle you will:

  • Minimize disease risk
  • Improve cognitive performance (clear brain fog)
  • Lose excess body fat without struggling

The all-encompassing approach to keto that we will educate you about at the Keto is a refreshing alternative to many quick-fix keto programs that fail to properly prepare you for long-term success. You’ll easily be able to adhere to fat and keto adapted eating patterns forever. Here are some highlights about what you’ll learn at the core content presentations:

  • Guided journey to ditch carb dependency eating patterns and take baby steps all the way to full-on keto.
  • The importance of increasing all forms of everyday movement—a critical element of optimizing fat burning.
  • Recipe preparation for quick, fun, easy-to-prepare keto meals.
  • Psychological aspects of healthy goal setting, re-committing, and aligning with a higher purpose.

The goal of a four (4) day CATCH KETO RETREAT is to get your body to reach “ketosis”, a metabolic state in which you efficiently burn stored energy in the form of body fat and ketones.  What most people don’t know is that your muscles use glucose for energy, but your brain can use either glucose or ketones for energy. But is available, the brain preferers Ketones are better because they metabolize more quickly than glucose and provide MORE energy and when you generate ketos, you are NOT HUNGRY.

Common benefits of the KETO diet include weight loss, better mental focus and clarity, decreased sugar cravings, and a positive effect on overall health such as an increase in good cholesterol, lower triglycerides & reduces inflammation. 

Cost $600 for Basic Package:

Included at the Catch Keto Retreat package is:

You must have a shellfish license to Catch Crabs or Dig Clams. You must have a Fishing license to catch Salmon. To participate, you must acquire the correct license and bait. Crab Bait is fresh raw chicken. Crabs eat one (1) piece of raw dark meat chicken per trap per hour.

Click Here —To purchase license from the state of Oregon

also included in the basic package is:

Can your Dinner

Stocking your shelves with canned crab can make it easier to go keto. By law, you are allowed to catch 12 crabs/day. You have four (4) days = 48 crabs. That is more than you can eat at the retreat. CLICK HERE to learn how to save your extra Crab and take it home. This process will be done at the retreat (at no additional cost) if you catch extra Crab, Clams, or Salmon.

We Catch Tuna on the Oregon Coast!!

Tuna is out of season in the fall during the Retreat, so we cannot fish for them. We will be using canned tuna. We can fresh Albacore Tuna during the season, and will be using that during the Retreat.

  • Crabs, Clams, and Salmon are provided if nobody catches any


  • Sept 10 – 14, 2023
  • Oct 22 – 26,2023
  • Nov 5 -10, 2023


Lodging is not included in Basic Package but is available at the Resort

You may make your lodging arrangements, but the cooking and eating will be done at the Worldmark Resort Center. But if you want to stay at the Resort, we have a limited number of rooms reserved. The rate for 5 nights is $600 (if you book before August 1, 2023. After that date is $800ld. If you are a member of WorldMark, make your reservation at least 13 months in advance.

Check in after 4 pm on Sunday — Depart before 12 (noon) on Friday

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Contact Carl Palmer, Director of the Sustainable Living Center at


call 541-765-2109

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