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Tiny Dome House …. answer to homeless? off the Grid?


Oregon is suffering from an affordable housing shortage of more than 24,000 units, and many in the state hope tiny homes could fill the gap. Oregon has passed HB2737 which the state is defining the building codes for Tiny House of 400 sq ft or less.

dome00We have discovered a low-cost method of building tiny homes.  It is called Air-Crete.  It is Portland Cement and Dish Soap.  Non-skilled workers can use this method to build affordable housing.  We will be offering a Free workshop Wednesday 1:30 – 4:30 pm Feb 6, 2019, in Lincoln City, We will be making the modules to build a Sustainable 400 ft Tiny Dome House.

CLICK HERE for more information on Air-Crete


CLICK HERE to hear the designer of the Air-Crete Dome House


We are the Sustainable Living Center of Oregon. ( We research the areas of food, water, energy, and shelter.


We are available to share our research with anyone if there is an interest.

RSVP for Free Workshop …..

dome0Air-Crete free Workshops Schedule Every Wednesdays 1:30 – 4;30 PM at 82 Siletz Hwy, Lincoln City, OR

Feb 6 ….. Make Forms and Pour blocks (same as Jan 30 Workshop)

Feb 13 ….. Pour Blocks and build a wall in Greenhouse with blocks from previous weeks

Feb 20 ….. Pour Blocks and build a wall in Greenhouse with blocks from previous weeks

Feb 27 ….. Pour Blocks and build an Air Crete Drying House with blocks from previous weeks

Starting in March, we will be offering a 30-day intern program in Air-Crete at the cost of $450/month.  I­­ncludes a private bedroom and 25 hours of Air-Crete workshops.

If interested CLICK HERE for the online application

Tiny Houses in Portland, Oregon

People are taking advantage of Portland’s pioneering policy of encouraging accessory dwellings as a way to promote sustainable growth, affordability, and a housing alternative for older people wanting to either stay put or to move near their children. Known in the policy world as “ADUs” – accessory dwelling units– these small homes come in many forms, including traditional basement “mother-in-law suites,” apartments atop or inside garages, and backyard cottages.  Portland hopes that through zoning changes and fee waivers, the number of ADUs will rapidly expand.

hotelTiny House Hotel ….. CLICK HERE for tiny house hotel It is located in the heart of the popular and vibrant Alberta Arts District in Portland, Oregon, There a six different unique, one-of-a-kind tiny houses at the hotel where travelers from around the world can experience what it’s like to stay in a custom-made tiny house on wheels. Our charming tiny houses are all built by local builders and range in size from 120-170 sq.ft. Each tiny house features creative, funky, artistic design elements coupled with multi-functional, space-efficient furnishings. All of our tiny houses have flush toilets, hot showers, electric heat, a sitting area, a kitchen and lots of locally made art and sustainable, Fair Trade products.

Tiny House Village at Mt. Hood, Oregon

hoodCLICK HERE for Mt Hood tiny houses ….. The Tiny House Village at Mt. Hood offers a unique way to experience the artistry and culinary vibe of Portland while surrounded by the nature of the Pacific Northwest. It’s just close enough to the heart of the city and just far enough to give you the escape you need. Built by Tumbleweed, these tiny homes are chock full of character and range from 175 to 260 square feet.

simply homeSimply Home Village CLICK HERE for more information on Simply Home …. In Portland, Oregon, home prices are increasing faster than wages. As buying a traditional house becomes more difficult, residents are looking to alternative solutions. For some—like the eight people who reside in a tiny home village named Simply Home—that means living in smaller quarters.

Simply Home is a combination of two alternative housing models: tiny homes and communal living. It comprises three tiny houses on the lot of a single-family house. The residents share the land and some space in the larger house, and also operate as an extended family. Everyone is responsible for upkeep, chores, and preparing meals.

Cost of Living:
About $350/month for the tiny house residents; $700/month for big house residents

They’re opting to live like this partly because they like the shared lifestyle, and partly out of necessity.

“The price of housing in Portland is insane, and having people around helps pay for everything,” Simply Home founder Tony Diethelm says. “That can’t be ignored; it’s very real.”

Portland has a complicated relationship with tiny houses. While the city embraces alternative housing models—like accessory dwelling units—tiny houses on wheels are technically illegal.
However, in October 2017, the city decided to stop enforcing the law, citing the affordability and homeless crisis and said it would work on policy changes to the zoning code as a path to full legalization. For now, the future of tiny homes in Greater Portland is uncertain, as is that of Simply Home.

Dignity Village is a membership-based community in NE Portland, providing shelter off the streets for 60 people a night since 2001. It’s democratically self-governed with a mission to provide transitional housing that fosters community and self-empowerment– a radical experiment to end homelessness.

We came out of the doorways of Portland’s streets, out from under the bridges, from under the bushes of public parks, we came openly with nothing and no longer a need to hide as Portland’s inhumane and Draconian camping ban had just been overturned on two constitutional grounds. We came armed with a vision of a better future for ourselves and for all of Portland, a vision of a green, sustainable urban village where we can live in peace and improve not only the condition of our own lives but the quality of life in Portland in general. We came in from the cold of a December day and we refuse to go back to the way things were.







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