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newWe will …

  • Consult
  • Supervise
  • Train

for you and your AirCrete home.

If you want to build your own AirCrete home, we can help.

SESSION 1 … arrive after 4pm – Nov 2  … leave before noon – Nov 7, 2021 … $360/first person and $180/second person sharing same bedroom includes workshop, private bedroom & bath share living room & Kitchen.  Second person

SESSION 2 … arrive after 4pm – Nov 7 … leave before noon – Nov 13, 2021 … $360  $360 first person and $180/second person sharing same bedroom includes workshop, private bedroom & bath share living room & Kitchen

No Lodging provided … Workshop only …  $200

Only nine (9) Private Beds and Bath have already been reserved.  Rooms are located in three (3) bedroom luxury condos at the WorldMark in Gleneden Beach, Oregon 97388 6593 Gleneden Beach Loop. To see rooms CLICK HERE

Once these rooms are gone, you will have to make your reservations. There are plenty of motels in Lincoln City and Depoe Bay, Oregon.

No Lodging provided … Workshop only …  $200

dome0Basic Air-Crete … Make Interlocking Air-Crete Forms and Pour Interlocking blocks

Ted Talk with the designer to hear the designer of the Air-Crete Dome House ….

Tiny houses in Oregon

1_3CenterWe are the Sustainable Living Center of Oregon. ( We research the areas of food, water, energy, and shelter.

We are available to share our research with anyone if there is an interest.

Starting in March an Intense Air-Crete Training of 40 – 100 hours will be offered on Oregon Coast. Subjects covered:

  • Build interlocking Air-Crete block forms
  • Pour Air-Crete blocks
  • Build a foam machine.  If you pay for the parts, you may take it with you.
  • Build an outdoor Air-Crete Bread and Pizza Earth Oven
  • Build a climate controlled Air-Crete Hot-Greenhouse
  • Build an off-the-grid shower\bath\hot tub Air-Crete Dome out-house

Four (4) options are available for someone who wants to learn about how to use Air-Crete.  These are hands-on projects, not a classroom study.

The only additional cost to you will be your food and personal expenses.  There is no cost for the material costs, tools, or training for the Air-Crete Projects.

  1. Provide your own lodging and take part in the 20 – 25 hours/week of Air-Crete Training
  2. Provide your own RV or Fifth Wheel and rent one of our full hook-up sites at $200/month and take part in the 20 – 25 hours/week of Air-Crete Training. Two (2) miles from the building
  3. Private Bedroom & private bathroom, kitchen and living room at $550/week and take part in the 40 – 60 hours/week of Air-Crete Training. May 5 – 12, 2019 only – after initial stay other living arrangements can be made at other locations if you want the Air-Crete training to continue.
  4. Bed\Bath rooms are in three (3) bedroom condo with a shared kitchen, living room. Indoor pool, Indoor hot tub, and tennis court, Fitness center and Pacific Ocean front view.

The condo is at WorldMart Resort in Depoe Bay 10 miles from the building site.  See pictures & details ….

  1. Private Bedroom shared bathroom, kitchen and living room at $550/month. It is located at the building

Only people who are interested in learning how to use Air-Crete should apply.  You must complete the online Application with the  “Ways of Working” forms for consideration.  If you do not complete these forms, your application will place on hold.

To apply … complete the On-Line Application at

General Guidelines for Private Bedrooms

  • Phone service or cable not provided.
  • Bed linens are available, but not towels
  • No smoking in any of the Center’s building, property or vehicles
  • Absolutely no drugs (legal or illegal) of any kind on Sustainable Property.
  • No Dogs, Cats or Children are allowed on site. – Dogs, Cats or Children are allowed at full RV hookup location.
  • Off-street parking

The Center is financially self-supporting by renting Kayaks, Crab Catamarans, and Renting Rooms.  It does not charge for the Air-Crete training.

To apply … go to the On-Line Application at

Other Air-Crete Research Projects that relate to Air-Crete that you may choose to work on

For more details, go to

To apply … complete the On-Line Application at

Oregon is suffering from an affordable housing shortage of more than 24,000 units, and many in the state hope tiny homes could fill the gap. Oregon has passed HB2737 which the state is defining the building codes for Tiny House of 400 sq ft or less.

Jan 31, 2019 …. The Lincoln County Oregon Commission this week voted to comply with the new state provision for “Accessory Dwelling Units,” or “ADU’s.”  The mandate follows a long period of requests by homeowners to build smaller dwelling units on their property that is not within any limits, but close to cities….within the city’s UGB.

To comply with recent state legislation, those who have a dwelling outside city limits but within what’s called an “urban growth boundary” (UGB) are automatically allowed to build a smaller dwelling unit for elderly parents, related family visitation or simply a rental to an unrelated family or individual.

RSVP for Free Workshop …..

  • Sustainable Living Center
  • 82 Siletz Highway, Lincoln City, Oregon
  • 541-765-2109


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