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How you can make a Complaint Free Zone

When a person eliminates complaining they become a more creative, giving, loving, and grateful problem solver.

Eliminating complaining also:how-to-stop-complaining

  1. Enhances your social bonds
  2. Bolsters your sense of worth & self-esteem
  3. Inhibits your comparisons with others
  4. Diminishes your negative feeling and depression
  5. Increases your ability to cope with stress and trauma
  6. Reinforces your positive experiences
  7. Encourages higher moral behavior

brain-ability-to-change-fbEliminating complaining really does change your brain. Not in some magical, woo woo kind of way, but in a real physical way.The science is called neuroplasticity. It means that our thoughts can change the structure and function of our brains. William James first introduced the idea in 1890, but scientists who uniformly believed the brain is rigidly mapped out; with certain parts of the brain controlling certain functions soundly rejected it. If that part is dead or damaged, the function is altered or lost. Well, it appears they were wrong. Neuroplasticity now enjoys wide acceptance as scientists are proving the brain is endlessly adaptable and dynamic.

neroIt has the power to change its own structure, even for those with the severe neurological afflictions. Science has learned from people with problems like strokes, cerebral palsy, and mental illness that they can train other areas of their brains through repetitive mental and physical activities. It is completely life altering.It means that if you do not complain (speak negative thoughts), you will think more positive thoughts.  Positive thoughts can rewire your brain and strengthen brain areas that stimulate positive feelings.

Complaining vs. Problems

solve2Problems are to be solved -complaints cannot be solved.
For example, the statement, “I am tired of this rain” is a complaint.  It is not just information – it is a complaint.The statement “I am tired of this rain, and I am getting wet” is a problem and can be solved.


How it Works

stop2Wear a small bracelet and try to go 21 days without complaining. If you find yourself complaining during that time period, you must switch the bracelet to the other arm. However, it’s not just complaining about your own life – you can’t criticize or gossip either. These bracelet(s) are powerful tool(s) to remind you of how well you are creating your life with positive intention.
Place the bracelet on your left wrist every morning.

Every time you catch yourself complaining, gossiping or criticizing, either:
• Move the bracelet to the other wrist


• Snap yourself with the bracelet and do not move the bracelet

If you hear someone else who is wearing a bracelet complaining, you may point out they need to switch the bracelet to the other wrist; BUT, if you do this, you must move (or snap) your bracelet first because you are criticizing another. Move or snap your bracelet until you can keep it on the left wrist for 21 consecutive days without a snap or move.  Stay with it! It may take a lot longer than you think! Scientists now believe it takes 21 days to form a new habit and complaining are habitual for most of us.

Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTS)

antsThoughts are “Automatic” – they just happen.  Do not try to stop them

.• Thoughts are not always correct and may not always be “true”

• Thoughts “LIE”- You do not have to speak every thought.
Feelings (thoughts) are like waves, they just keep coming.

A wise person knows which wave to surf.

Complaint Free Zone Rules:

• Keep moving your bracelet until you can keep it on the left wrist for 21 consecutive days without a snap or move.

Reasons for a complaint free zonedeadline

• People living in a complaint free zone solve more problems.   Creativity is release when we are not complaining.

• Reinforces your positive experiences: Promotes the reliving of positive life experiences.   By relishing and taking pleasure in some of the pleasures of your past, you extract the maximum possible satisfaction.

• Bolsters your sense of worth & self-esteem: You realize how much people have done for you.  You realize how much you have accomplished.  Stop complaining helps you break the automatic habit of seeing your glass “half full

• Increases your ability to cope with stress and trauma: Traumatic memories are less likely to surface and are less intense for those who are regularly grateful

.• Enhances your social bonds:  When you become truly aware of the value of your friends, you are likely to treat them better.  Grateful and positive people are better liked by others and more likely to win friends.

• Inhibits your comparisons with others: Expressing gratitude stops comparisons with others.  If you are genuinely thankful and appreciative for what you have, you’re less likely to pay close attention to what others have.

• Diminishes your negative emotions: Gratitude is incompatible with negative emotions.  Gratitude dissolves negative feelings.  It’s hard to feel guilty, resentful or infuriated when you’re feeling grateful.

For more information:

  • 541-765-2109

Credit for the inspiration and idea of the bracelet go to Will Bowen and  the Complaint Free World organization.


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