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DIY Rat Proof Storage Barrels

store_2Whether you raise poultry,  grain , or store food for long term, rats and rodents are a problem.

Rats and rodents often appear in the fall, when their external food sources are depleted. They emerge from the fields, where they live in burrows, to forage and feed around buildings. In contrast, mice will establish colonies within buildings and might never venture outside.

Rats and rodents are responsible for more than a quarter of all farm fires of unknown origin, but the main risk from rodents is the infestations and contamination.  A rodents can produce more than 40 droppings per day and a gallon or more of urine per year.   A variety of human and livestock diseases are spread through contact with rodent excrement, which include cryptosporidiosis, toxoplasmosis, leptospirosis, brucellosis and salmonellosis.

What is needed is a low cost storage barrel that rodents cannot get into.  Rats can eat through the thin walled 5 – 6  gallons plastic buckets.  The plastic has to heavier to resist rats.  The thicker wall and lids of the 30 or 55 gallon barrels can stop rats.

You can find used 30  and 55 gallon plastic barrels with lids on Craigslist, that rats cannot eat through, in the $30 – $60 price range.

But,  you could make them yourself. narrow_2The secret is understand how the 30 – 55 gallon barrel is designed. The 30 and  55 barrels have a narrow “neck” at the top of the barrels.  If one cuts at the narrowest point  and cuts the bottom off of another barrel, the bottom of the barrel will fit together to make a Perfect Rat Proof Storage Barrels.





store_1Put on a handle and you are done with a easy opening all weather chicken feed barrels

These DIY Rat Free Storage they are ideal for pet or livestock feed, fermenting, pickling, etc.

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