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Grow Year Around with Yurt Cloche

yurt_2In the Maritime Northwest of the Oregon Coast, year round growing is possible and affordable with a semi-permanent Yurt Cloche©.

Any garden-bed growing season can be extended.  As simple as the concept is, various gardeners execute the details in thousands of ways, depending on their climate, resources, and preferences.

Over the years that we have taken gardening seriously.  We have tried all kinds of stuff – including stapling the plastic to lathe and securing the sheeting with all manner of heavy things – logs, rocks, bricks, random broken garden tools.

The result of our research we have developed the Yurt Cloche©

Yurt Cloche@ consists of:

  1. Fabric Bed
  2. Air Pruning,
  3. Self-Wicking & Self Watering
  4. Year Around Solexx Greenhouse

Why raised beds?

It’s easier to control the growing mix. Start with fresh mix or mix of your choice! It keeps the media from getting stepped on and compacted.

On the Oregon Coast, the raised bed mix will heat up faster which means earlier planting and a longer growing season.

You don’t have to bend all the way over to deal with your garden. People even raise their beds to accommodate wheelchairs or physical disabilities.

It’s a great introduction for beginning gardeners. If you’re not sure you want to go farm-style on your backyard, you can easily set up a small raised bed toward the back near your fence, or even on your patio!

Fabric container allows water, nutrients, and air to pass freely through the fabric, but restricts the passage of roots, keeping most of the root mass in the container. The fabric container also enhances branching of root tips, preventing circling of roots as one might see in a plastic container.

Fabric Bed

bed_0The Raised Fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles that would have ended up in a landfill.

Any patio or deck can be turned into a garden space, and the heavy duty Fabric Raised Bed will last for years.

  • Build with No Digging or Tilling
  • Fabric provide Air Pruning for Better Root Structure
  • Discourages Ground Pests
  • Warms Quickly in Spring – Releases Excessive Heat in Summer
  • Provides Excellent Drainage
  • Less Expensive Growing Media Can Be Used
  • Weatherproof and will lasts for Years
  • Any deck or patio can be turned into a garden space

 Air Pruning

SONY DSCAir pruning is a technique designed to encourage the plant to grow a denser system of root hairs, increasing nutrient absorption and enabling the plant to grow more rapidly.

Roots, in normal plastic containers, grow to the outside edge of the pot and then circle around and again.

Plants absorb   water and nutrients from the root tip. Short root systems with several root tips are far more productive than long root systems or big, fat roots.


Yurt Cloche© Secret is – Wicking

Growing-smarter-self-watering-system-300x285Wicking is a way of growing plants in which water is wicked up from a water reservoir. The Yurt Cloche© has a 45+ gallon water reservoir in the bottom of the Cloche and 12 cu ft of growing surface on top.

The major advantages of the wicking are:

  1. You do not have to water every day. You can fill the water reservoir when you feel like it.
    2. Water usage is reduced by up to 50% over conventional watering.
    3. Evaporation of water is significantly reduced.
    4. The Yurt can harvest rain which means water at no cost.
    5. Significant increase in production

2000_329_popup_400Solexx  Greenhouse Feature

  • R 2.1 rating
  • 5mm Double Wall
  • Shatter Proof Covering
  • 10-year warranty
  • Cone Roof to diffuse light
  • Two Adjustable Opening with Covers
  • 22” Double Walls Panels
  • 12+ Square Feet Growing Area




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6349 S Hwy 101

Lincoln City, Oregon


Yurt Cloche© Features


  • 24” high X 50” wide
  • Can be washed & sterilized
  • Winter cold insulated
  • Cool roots in summer heat
  • Air & water pass freely
  • Great with drip systems
  • Decreases risk of transplant shock
  • Withstand UV rays
  • Quicker growing times
  • Better drainage



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