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How to Prepare for a Pandemic and Save Money while you are doing it.

If the virus does mutate into a form that transmits easily from person to person—and this is called a pandemic — in the best case, the World Health Organization (WHO) says, 2 million people could die. In the worst case, according to some experts’ projections, up to 30% of the world’s population could be stricken over the course of roughly a year, resulting in as many as 150 million deaths and perhaps more than a billion people requiring medical care.

Current models suggest that the next pandemic is likely to come in three waves. Each wave will sweep across the globe in a matter of weeks and last as long as three months. So there needs to protect families and their ability to conduct business during a sustained pandemic.

When a Pandemic continues spreading throughout the world, and in the absence of a vaccine or cure, the only known way to eradicate the virus is to isolate yourself and not get infected.  If you have any of the above conditions, it is essential to Shelter-in-Place.

We have a way to Shelter-in-Place and Save money while doing it …. Read on

We cannot see it coming. It can be anywhere people get together, and we would not know it.  If it is your area, the best thing to do is to Shelter-in-Place yourself a home.


There is no shortage of food in America.  Once the groceries gear up, there will be plenty of good in the stores.  If the people are living paycheck to paycheck, if they buy bulk rice, bean, and pasta, they will save money NOW and would be able to Shelter-in-Place.

The problem with Shelter-in-Place is it longer than 14 days if you are trying to prevent getting it.   It could be months.

Assuming you have access to electricity, water, sewer, and natural gas, food will be your only problem. Stock up on food like you were going to be Shelter-in-Place.

Cost?  You may not have the money to purchase a large amount of food just for quarantine purposes.  Our solution is to buy food in bulk quality that will last ten years or more and use it every day.

The problem is how to store and keep the rice, beans, pasta fresh and rodent free until you need them and at what cost.

The parts of a Pandemic preparation are

Long-Term Buckets with dry products such as rice, bean and pasta …. CLICK HERE for details

Canning Meat such as chicken, crab, fish, bacon …… CLICK HERE for details

Recanning fruit from number 10 can to smaller glass jars …. CLICK HERE for details.

The Dome to grow fresh vegetables, and fish. The Pandemic Domes require no electricity to operate.


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