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Coffee Before & After a Tsunami


Tsunami Preparation

Long Term Storing Food is not something a person plans to use every day.  What if you can save money and use it in your everyday food preparation for the next ten (10) years?  You will still have it available if a Tsunami happens?

Tsunami Bucket

91SXZ1ZfW5L._SY355_It is possible with Tsunami Buckets because “Air is the enemy of stored food.” When exposed to oxygen, food items start to break down by a process known as oxidation.

This will cause your brown sugar to get hard, and your coffee bitter.  Traditional “airtight” canisters do nothing more than seal the oxygen inside with your contents, allowing continual oxidation.

The Tsunami Bucket system uses a 5-gallon bucket with a special lid that has a gasket, and handle-valve. The air is removed from the bucket as you push down the lid on top of the stored food.  Therefore, you can buy food in bulk and save money.  You can use the food for the next ten (10) years without it going stale and have it available if a Tsunami happens.

Just Store or Preserve Food?

Most airtight canisters such as Gamma Lids actually lock the food-destroying air tightly INSIDE with your food, slowly eating away its freshness and flavor.

Kitchen Airtight canisters are good if all you’re trying to accomplish is short-term storage – but why just do short term storage when you can “preserve”?

Our lids force the food-destroying air out of the storage canister away from your food, extending the life of your coffee, tea, flour, sugar, cereal, seeds, herbs, nuts, pet food or any perishable, multiple times over.

When our lids are integrated into durable, BPA-Free, restaurant-grade stainless steel canisters you are preserving your food for the future.

Not only are our lids in kitchen canisters non-toxic and nearly impossible to break, but they are also stain and odor resistant thus they won’t impart flavors.

In other words, they can be used for coffee storage one day, brown sugar the next and your brown sugar won’t taste like coffee.  This characteristic makes them the absolute perfect container for long-term food storage.

Tsunami Canisters are:

  • canConstructed of 18/8 restaurant-grade Stainless Steel
  • Resists staining and odor transfer
  • Valve forces air out & Keeps it out
  • The top lid is clear, to easily see the contents
  • The lids plunger will not let harmful ultra-violet light in

Available in two sizes:

32 fluid oz. capacity, base 4.5″D. x 4″H.

64 fluid oz. capacity, base 4.5″D. x 7″H. holds 1 lb. of coffee beans

Tsunami Coffee Maker



After a Tsunami, if you are a coffee drinker, a hot cup of coffee might taste really good.  However, Starbucks and all the coffee shops are closed.

What if you could use the same method of making coffee without any electric power?

How you can use the same method of making coffee every day and after a Tsunami?

The secret is that your coffee mug is your coffee maker!!

First you use the Tsunami Stove to boil water.  Place 3 – 4 Tbsp of coffee in the Mug, pour in hot water, add sugar and cream, if desired.

After 4 – 5 minutes press the patented plunger down and enjoy!

If you do not like coffee, the Tsunami Coffee Maker can be used to make a hot cup of tea as well.

 The French-Press History

The first coffee press, which may have been made in France, was the modern coffee press in its rudimentary form: a metal or cheesecloth screen fitted to a rod that users would press into a pot of boiling water. It underwent several design modifications until Faliero Bondanini patented his own version in 1958.

The Tsunami Coffee has a French-press mechanism and comes with its own commuter-style cap with a screen over the sip hole to keep grounds inside; you can close off the sip hole with the sliding mechanism

You can store an additional mug’s worth of coffee in the secret compartment below it for a second brew later on!

The double-wall stainless-steel construction ensures your coffee stays enjoyably hot and fresh for long periods of time and you do not get burned,

Mug features a beefy handle to accommodate large hands and a narrow base to fit most cars’ cup holders; clip the handle to a pack with an accessory carabiner.

Two (2) rubber gaskets encircle the mug to cut down on vibration noise while in a cup holder and reduce shock to the system if tipped.

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