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 How to Build a Successful Community and Life Time Relationships

 The Secrets to Happiness Group will start on March 1, 2017 at 1pm – 3pm and continue to meet every Wednesday at the Siletz Moorage, 82 Siletz Highway, Lincoln City, 97367.   New life-changing ways to understand our innate relationships of joy & happiness.

Chick Here if  you Ready to Be Happy

There are three (3) levels of participation.

1_on_siteBeing part of the “On-Site Meetup Group” at the Sustainable Living Center. The Center is in Lincoln City, Oregon.  It is a learning and living laboratory.  There are presently are 12 members.  It meets on every Wednesday at 1 pm – 3 ppm.


1_oregonBeing part of “Off-Site Meetup Group.” This is for people who cannot live at the On-Site location, but would like to be part.  They may be able to participate in the weekly meeting with the “On Site Meetup Group.”  They can join the meetings every Wednesday at 1 pm – 3 pm whenever it is convenient to attend.

1_worldsideBeing part of the “Remote Meetup Group.” This is for people who live at such a distance that they may never visit the “On Site Meetup Group,” but wants to learn the “Secrets of Happiness.”

Therefore, any person regardless of where they live may participate.  If you know anybody, you want to be invited, please advise us at

 1_childenThe Secrets of Happiness MeetUp will study what happiness is, and isn’t, and what can be done to bring us all closer to the happy life we envision for ourselves. You will be introduced to the latest results of the “Secrets” from the Research of Harvard, Stanford, Loyola University, U of Chicago, U of Penn, U of California – Davis, and U of Minnesota.  By using these results one can increase their happiness level.

The On-Site MeetUp Group weekly meeting’s “Secret,” video, source of the “Secret” will be shared with the all the other participates.  They will be emailed to them every week.  That “Secret”, video and source will be sent to every person, regardless of the participation level.  Ten (10) “Secrets” are listed below in no specific order.

Secret 1.  Complaint Free Zone

When a person eliminates complaining they become a more creative, giving, loving, and grateful problem solver.  Eliminating complaining does change your brain. Not in some magical, woo woo kind of way, but in a real physical way.  The science is called neuroplasticity. It means that our thoughts can change the structure and function of our brains.

How it Works.

You wear a small purple plastic bracelet and try to go 21 days without complaining. If you find yourself complaining during that time, you must switch the bracelet to the other arm. However, it’s not just complaining about your own life – you can’t criticize or gossip either.

Complaining vs. Problems

Problems are to be solved -complaints cannot be solved.

For example, the statement, “I am tired of this rain” is a complaint.  It is not just information – it is a complaint.

The statement “I am tired of this rain, and I am getting wet” is a problem and can be solved.

Secret 2.  Never Attack Anybody’s Personhood

This includes you.  You are not to call yourself names.  You are not stupid, dumb or silly.  Likewise, you are not to call anybody else names or a derogatory nickname.  If you violate this key in the presence of the Center’s Leadership or a member of the Community, there will be consequences.

Secret 3.  Gossip undermines everyone’s joy

Gossip is a form of complaining about another person behind their back.  They are what we call ANTS -Automatic Negative Thoughts.

Thoughts are “Automatic” – they just happen.  Do not try to stop them, but you do not have to say them out loud.

  • Thoughts are not always correct and may not always be “true.”
  • Thoughts “LIE”- You do not have to speak every thought.
  • Feelings (thoughts) are like waves, they just keep coming.

“A person with a higher Emotional Intelligence knows which wave to surf.”

 Secret 4.  Your Way of Working is in your DNA

There are nine (9) DNA ways of working. We have all nine, but one is our favorite.

When you embrace your favorite way of working, you never have to work another day in your life.

Secret 5.  TAGS (Talents, Attributes and Gifts)

Each participant will be able to identify their top TAGs. Participants will be able to identify opportunities where they turn their TAGs into skills. This Improves one’s life’s satisfaction and mental health.  There are 28 TAGs

Secret 6.  Fight – Flight or Freeze

The Amygdala is part of the brain that is wired for your survival.   It is that part of the brain which determines, (when you are in a conflict situation, real or imaginary) you will “Fight” “Flight” or “Freeze.”

The better you understand your Amygdala response, the easier for you to be able to resolve conflict situations faster.

Secret 7.  Happiness

Gratitude fosters happiness. It makes it easier to cope with stress. trauma. You will learn how to have a positive perspective which will allows you to encounter personal adversity like loss or illness and stay happy.

Random acts of kindness fosters happiness.  Studies shows that engaging in a random act of kindness — even if you’re told by a researcher to do so — improves your happiness level.  This will be demonstrated to you.

 Secret 8.  Increase Your Success Rate

By doubling your failure rate. if you want to increase success rate.

Got an idea? Try it. If it fails, you learned something.  At the Center’s Laboratory, since all the material, tools and money is furnished, what do you have to lose?

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”  ― Thomas A. Edison

Secret 9.  Finding Joy 

At the Center, you will be encouraged to focus on what makes you happy and bring your joy.

You will be encouraged to focus on the “Desires of Your Heart” and enjoy the path to obtain them.

We believe the means does NOT justify the end.  There is no end to life’s journey, only the journey, at the Center you will learn to enjoy the journey.

Secret 10.  The Power of Two

Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed. For if either of them falls, the other one will lift their companion and you both can enjoy a life time partnership.

Carl and Coralee Palmer, the Directors of the Sustainable Living Center, will lead the Group.  They have been studying the Secrets of Happiness for 17 years.  They practice the techniques that will be presented.  Presently they live a blissful life after each wandered for 20+ years after being divorced.  They know proven methods of finding happiness and will share their experiences.

  • Sessions at Sustainable Living Center
  • 82 Siletz Highway, Lincoln City 97367
  • Seating is Limited – RSVP
  • 541-996-3671 for Wed Sessions
  • Session     1 pm – 3 pm



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