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Relationships are one of the most rewarding—as well as the most frustrating aspects of our existence. Whether in intimate or work settings, the quality of our relationships has an enormous impact on the quality of our lives, on our self-esteem, and on our careers. Yet, we often find the behavior of others baffling—even if we have known them intimately for many years. Often, the very things that we do not understand in others are the greatest sources of problems and conflicts in our relationships. Clearly, the better we know ourselves and the people in our lives, the more harmonious and satisfying our relationships will be.


Ninergy© can help tremendously in understanding our relationships. It is a remarkable system of nine (9) basic “DNA ways of Life” that sheds light on the most important the dynamics in our relationships. Each “DNA way of Life” has its own set of strengths, vulnerabilities, projections, and perceptions.  Ninergy© can help us to realize who we are and what our greatest potentials might be, as well as to make sense of the sometimes-confusing behavior of others.


Participants will increase their Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and improve their relationships with others, both intimate and professional.  Effective ways of understanding the dynamics between the different “DNA ways of Life” will be given, new methods for communicating taught, and the effect of the three Survival Instincts on relationships will be covered.

Ninergy© uses, interactive exercises to help participants recognize personal strengths as well as to uncover the blind spots that they bring to their relationships.

If you want to improve your relationship with a spouse, child, friend, business associate, or family member, this Workshop will be invaluable.

Carl and Coralee Palmer, the workshop leaders, have been teaching and living the Ninergy© process for 17 years.  They will share how it has enable them to have a blissful marriage.

Limited Lodging arrangement have been made at the Depoe Bay Worldmark Resort Center.

worldThe Cost of private bedroom and private bathroom and shared living and kitchen condo for Sun night Nov 12 thru Sat night Nov 19 is $400.

Detail of Resort Center can be found at:

Ninergy and Relationships Intensive Workshop is an outreach of the Sustainable Living Center of Oregon.   Details about the Center at:

The success of a relationship comes not in finding the “right” person, but in the ability of both people to adjust to the real person they have found.

Participation is limited, call 541-765-2109 for a reservation.


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